14 Responses to Sexy Swingers

  1. Bootyman

    April fools right? If not then, I guess this is goodbye.

  2. aaron

    u doing what noooooo don’t go


    Haha April Fools. And I would check out that pornstars without make up video before ever going into porn.

    • bana


  4. Jonathan

    I have to go along with it! lol

    • botd

      Haha. Thanks Jonathan. And shhhhh.

  5. Jonathan

    It’s been real. That is all I have to say! Good luck!

  6. botd

    Shit, Sophie gets hotter and hotter every month. That’s it, I’m on a mission.

    I’m gonna have to click on one of those ads and order some penis enlargement pills if I’m serious about my porn career.

    Ummm I mean uhhh…I need to get some penis REDUCTION pills. Yeah that’s it. That’s the ticket.

    • Boss


  7. bana

    clever 🙂

  8. franco

    re piola

  9. Tony

    🙁 nooo!!!! Don’t leave!!!! I like your posts & stuff!!! But… if U do leave… I wish you nothing but the best! 😀

    • botd

      Thanks man. I appreciate the love. But look at the date I typed. I tried to make it obvious.

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