Sexy Swingers

So after watching this video I’ve officially decided to shut down BOTD and pursue my career in porn. Yes, I shall soon become a porn star and make sweet love to Dani and Sophie at the same time like this lucky dude right here.

I’ll let everybody know tomorrow on April 1st what day we’re officially shutting down. It’s been real everybody.

13 Responses to Sexy Swingers

  1. Tony

    🙁 nooo!!!! Don’t leave!!!! I like your posts & stuff!!! But… if U do leave… I wish you nothing but the best! 😀

    • botd

      Thanks man. I appreciate the love. But look at the date I typed. I tried to make it obvious.

  2. franco

    re piola

  3. bana

    clever 🙂

  4. botd

    Shit, Sophie gets hotter and hotter every month. That’s it, I’m on a mission.

    I’m gonna have to click on one of those ads and order some penis enlargement pills if I’m serious about my porn career.

    Ummm I mean uhhh…I need to get some penis REDUCTION pills. Yeah that’s it. That’s the ticket.

    • Boss


  5. Jonathan

    It’s been real. That is all I have to say! Good luck!

  6. Jonathan

    I have to go along with it! lol

    • botd

      Haha. Thanks Jonathan. And shhhhh.


    Haha April Fools. And I would check out that pornstars without make up video before ever going into porn.

    • bana


  8. aaron

    u doing what noooooo don’t go

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