16 Responses to Tomomi Motozawa Bubble Booty Schoolgirl

  1. tims2000xx

    The Finest ass on the net!!!

  2. TheCoolDude

    @B.L if you scroll up I have actually posted the link.

  3. Mob

    Yeah seen this before, I think this is a LOT on the angle of camera shots on these Asian girls. I’m not saying their not out there but if they are it’s a true Unicorn find!

  4. TheCoolDude

    To all botd lovers don’t waste your time on the vid it’s pretty much a disappointment in my eyes, If your into the content of the vid then go for it, it’s not for me personally, I thought she was going to get into some real action, which only happens towards the end, so it’s basically a let down since I had very high expectations, ass is still crazy though, I’ll fuck the shit out of her if I ever got the chance.

    • B.L

      man how you gone say all that and not even share the link. smh come on bruh

      • botd

        Go to javlibrary.com and search for the code I posted above.

      • TheCoolDude

        if you scroll up I have actually posted the link.

  5. illlphil

    (herbert voice) sweet jesus it must be my birthday

  6. TheCoolDude


    Definitely had to search this up and find it couldn’t wait too long, there are only a few with a big booty, most of the time the girl has a great body and small/medium booty, the camera man just gets it a good angle to make it seem much bigger than it really is.

  7. poohbia

    Its rare to see a bubble butt on an asian chick, wow

    • Bootox

      You’re completely right! Lots of pretty faces, but poor bodies.

      You have a point, girl! Show that ass!

  8. 843bigred

    That’s a phat ass right there!!

  9. Yeah


    That first video clip with the close up….GOD DAMN

  10. botd


    • blah

      how do i watch a video

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