26 Responses to Curvy Asian Riko Kosaka Walking

  1. Albert

    What a sexy woman. Post more of this soon!

  2. Hekima Nash

    This young women has features that I adore.

  3. Hekima Nash

    Do it. how you get it. Im into you. Factual. And brief.

  4. someone

    You can heck the furniture and see that it is distorted which means some of her booty is that way due to the lense

  5. Roppts

    Any1 found a video UNCENSORED?

    but i want it uncensored, if some1 find it post it!

  6. aluvio

    Butt naked Friday’s

  7. newt

    Thanks all for the ID!

  8. anony

    Easy find thank me later


    • Dan

      May god almighty bless the shit our of you!

  9. Bootox

    Her body looks nice and I bet that looks sexy even without the lens. It’s really hard to find asian girls with bigger butts and normally sex scenes on these japanese videos are really crap IMO. However, they do pretty good on the fetish stuff.

    She got me because her face is cute and her bikini is pretty sexy. Thumbs up!

  10. Kekunsan

    Her name is kosaka riko or kousaka riko

  11. Seb
    • Bootox

      Wow, she is awesome on the dvd pic! Really tasty!

    • Jackinoff

      Need new fap material a.s.a.p free link to her video??? Can’t sign up for just one video you know what I mean.

  12. Nick

    Normally I skip Asian posts with full bias just because they are too cliche for me. I did however see this as I was scrolling and I think im in love. Her whole everything is awesome, even her bikini is awesome… Win!

  13. john

    movie is called DKB-023

    • Yeah

      Kosaka Riko, is right!

  14. poohbia

    Anyone kno her name?

  15. TheCoolDude

    Damn I love seeing thick big booty asian girls, but it only looks good like that because of the lens, these type of jav pornstars are hard to find especially if your guy like who doesnt like paying to watch there content, so searching it up is so much effort.

  16. Caesar

    Na, the way it creases at the bottom (sounds weird I know) where cheek meets leg, that lets you know that she’s got some ass. May not be as big tho cuz of that fish-eye but still out of the ordinary for japanese chic. Also, in all of my jav experience i’ve never seen this chic before.
    Great find BOTD.

  17. ty

    Who is that? A bubble butt Asian girl is few and far between.

  18. Douche Baggins

    yeah, there’s that stupid fish eye lens again that makes them all look that certain shape. She’s probably skinny without it… too bad, too.

    • Jahir

      I think so too

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