14 Responses to Mz Tokyo Drift aka Sunami in the Ring

  1. ttvsearch
  2. der

    straight from the heavens above

  3. jaymak

    Back shot heaven….

  4. This guy!

    Ehhhh…need a paper bag. Jeeesus… that face is meeehhhhh…. Yeah, yeah, sue me!

    • Pete

      Totally agree here…hahaha

  5. 843bigred

    That’s a woman that has no worries of her bills ever getting paid , with an ass like that

  6. Squidhunter


    Still would love to see her face

  7. yea

    Video of her twerking

    She’s pretty young she says her age in some other videos on dailymotion. I just wonder if its a legit ass.

  8. yea
    • Maceo

      No face yo face is right! Straight doggie all day

  9. BootyLuvrNo.1

    She built for that long stroke, she remind me of my ole lady before she had our kids and got fat and lazy…Shall I digress, I would love to get caught in them waves.

  10. iceman8069


  11. iheartbutts

    goodness gracious….

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