12 Responses to Luscious Lexxxi

  1. gill

    what scene is this from. i have always seen the gif but not the full flick

  2. botd

    I can explain it scientifically based on evolution why most guys around the world prefer thick girls like that, but I’ll spare you guys.

    I swear though, if one more person calls a chick that we post “fat” … I’m gonna break it down. So look out.

  3. botd

    In my opinion, she looks better thicker, cause it all went to the right places.

    We don’t post fat chicks here, so whoever said she’s fat, gtfo.

    • GreenEggsAndHam

      Tell Em!

      ~Dr.Suess’s Friend

  4. damn

    Wtf happened to her. She just let herself go horribly oh well not like there’s ever going to be a shortage of pornstars

  5. JJ

    That ass! OMG!

  6. poohbia

    Wow, I havent seen her in a LONG time, did she recently have a kid?

    She wasnt that big last time i saw her

  7. Pete

    She’s perfect just like that !! All the right curves and her stomach isn’t sloppy

  8. fat


  9. blackfrost

    to me she looks great the way she is. she can have my whole pay check lol

  10. Boooty freak

    A big ass looks so good bent over. Imagine how good she would look if she’d exercise. She has the whole package

    • the squidhunter

      Take a look at her earlier stuff where she had a Tighter physique actually pretty fit! I think she has hit the mark with this THICK FULLER Package!

      If I had the Opportunity to Cavort with this PAWG I would need one of those Helmets with the Light on it .. Cuz I would be going Coal Miner Deep …


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