12 Responses to Ava Rose Camshow Booty Shaking

  1. AaronTheBaron

    very underrated!

  2. mohammadreza

    i love her big ass so mush.ava ass is the best.

  3. iceman8069

    Always loved her, she was my favorite..while everyone was all over Alexis Texas, I was just like gimme Ava!

  4. botd

    I got them from like 4 different Naughty America Live Cam videos. I haven’t seen them on the Tubes.

  5. deecee1

    video link please?

  6. lamoda

    Lots of bubbles

  7. freelove

    best ass ever

  8. BSD

    Friends –

    At her thickest, Ava was an OUTSTANDING example of a Phat Ass White Girl.

    Lawd, her ass was magnificent. Moved me to tears sometimes.


  9. Jason

    Where is the link to that video??? Or do you have one for it?

  10. qwerty123

    I need all that videos 🙂

  11. StickMan

    Always loved Ava’s ass. Just got reminded why!

  12. Bootylover88

    MARRY ME!!!

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