18 Responses to Carmen De Luz Walking

  1. GDUB

    Not shaking hard enough.

  2. Suresh

    Lovely piece!

  3. KingJ


  4. Sticky1

    “Show me what that flat tire looks like,” at the end of the video. Fucking classic hands down.

  5. Bootox

    Wow, she is a wild beast! Nice!

  6. Smackdatass
  7. Yeah

    You the real MVP for that post. I wish I’ve seen that sooner…

  8. Maxwell

    Wow now that’s a phat ass Latina, what does the face look like.

    Who gives a fuck with an ass like that dayam

  9. poohbia

    Thats a nice ass on her

  10. Smackdatass


  11. Mr.30mins

    Whatever made her show up on camera again after all this time, Thank You!

  12. DG

    who remembers her in moneytalks with a deer mask/ head? damn she made a good first impression

    • botd

      Yeah that was a hot scene. Here’s a video loop of that…


  13. iloveemthick

    they could had got someone to fuck her better dude was weak ! she fine as fuck though 🙂

    • poohbia

      Yeah I agree..I was skipping parts

  14. Yeah

    Honestly all in all, this scene was alright. It didn’t seem to be all that (or WOW me) when watching the 8 minute clip of it. But damn, her first solo scene in 6 LONG YEARS!

    That’s crazy, 6 years. I thought I wouldn’t see her again on the first one she did with Brooke Lee Adams, “Planet Ass”. Still remembered the day when it was first released, she had me stunned on my seat. You should have added more clips, BOTD, stuff got a little “freaky” later on haha.

    By the way, shout out to realreal and Pawg mentioning it yesterday on the previous post.

    • Uncle Tom

      Same here… I gave up all hope of ever seeing her again.

      Even if the scene isn’t all that, I’m hoping that this is the first of many.

      • Yeah

        I truly hope so too man. It’s GREAT to see herself and her ass back in action!

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