10 Responses to Asian Ass

  1. devon

    #11 is Lilly flower

  2. booty lover

    11 Name please

  3. james

    Someone PLEASE tell me What’s #11’s name?

  4. Shyamal

    Best booty i ever seen.

  5. Fellow booty lover

    #5 — Nana Ogura
    #6 — Reiko Nakamori
    #8 — Shiori Tsukada

  6. Rodney james

    Wonder how much SOUL BROTHA meat those fine thick asian ladies can take, lol.

  7. Seeksam

    Who’s 1,2,6 and 11?can I have there name

  8. Damien666

    Woooooow good looking asian w/ a phat booty now thats wat im talking about love them gimme more.

  9. Chukou

    I love them Thick Asian Delights!!! The PHATTER the BETTER!!! Bring it on!!! Woooooooof!!!

  10. whizzer

    awww gimme a link

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