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  1. botd

    VZN, I’m gonna answer your other question over here for more visibility…

    Yeah you need to get on tiktok whenever you get a chance because I think that’s the new shit. Otherwise you’ll be like the people on Facebook 10 years ago talking about…

    Old Man Henry: “What is this new thing they’re calling “Instant Something or Other”… or this other thing they’re calling the World Wide Wachamacallit. I mean who cares, right Marge?”

    Old Lady Marge: “You’re absolutely right Henry. All we need is Facebook up in here in the old folks home. Now help me find my dentures.”

    • botd

      Here’s my attempt at keeping up with the youngins…


      I think I’m doing an okay job at appearing “hip and happening” as they say. That’s what they say right.

      • botd

        Funny because every time I’ve revealed my secret identity in the past, I ended up deleting the comment when the drugs wore off.

        Probably not this time though cause I need all the help I can get with views and likes, but we’ll see.

        Speaking of chemicals, does anybody have a hookup on Gina? You know, salt water? If you don’t know what that means, it’s not important.

        Also, does anybody have a hookup for f i n a p l i x / t r e n b o l o n e

        If so, hit me up at bootyoftheday@gmail.com

        • botd

          One last thing in case anybody’s wondering. You DON’T need to post content on tiktok. Just worry about keeping up with the trends. For example, a trend all the tiktok girls were doing last year is something where they go…

          Cause I got a…
          Small waist…
          Pretty face…
          And a BIG BANK

          Then they jump up turn around and bounce that ass as they land.

          Search YouTube for “tiktok big bank challenge”. Be careful though, cause the VAST MAJORITY of them are literal youngins or have boy booties.

          Edit: Hereya go… https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tiktok+big+bank+challenge Sorry but I don’t know how to limit the search to only show girls that are over 18.

          • BigAssVoyeur

            I don’t care what anyone says, you’re cool BOTD.


    Maybe I’m not the only one but it’s always bothered me that these thic ass Asian girls never see cross over into American pornography cause where they at???? The Japanese style of porn is so much different then the traditional studio shit from the US I’m always like man why can’t wet have these girls out here. Line up all the beautiful thicc Asian women we need dat.

  3. Suresh

    They all look good

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