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  1. Curvylover

    I subbed to her OF just to see if i can get her to do a naked walking video because that booty is quite honestly some god tier booty!
    Sadly she replied that she does’t have a treadmill or anywhere with enough space to walk around naked to make a video I tried y’all lol

    • botd

      Haha. That’s exactly what I ask them also. Great minds huh.

      I’d prefer them to walk across the room and then back tho, because I like the frontal hourglass view too.

      The most I got was a curvy milf crossing her legs back and forth dressed as a sexy secretary. Let me know if you guys want me to put it up for download.

      • Curvylover

        Totally agree on the frontal viewbas well. If they big tits then that’s just a bonus lol. But every one i’ve subbed to I ask them all the same thing about making a walking video and i’ve only got 1 to actually do it. Problem is Idk how to download/screen record it from my phone(android) lol

  2. Tconst

    Her name is Patricia Tarka

    • botd

      Thanks bro. I’ll add her links when I get a chance.

  3. Hentai Jose

    Here you go bois

    FYPM (Fuck You Pay Me) – https://twitter.com/therealFYPM/media

    Giuliana Cabrazia – https://twitter.com/gcabrazia

    Maria Gjieli – https://twitter.com/mariagjielixo/media

    Leeza Peachy – https://twitter.com/leezapeachy

    • botd

      Thanks, I’m gonna post a compilation of Maria Gjieli walking in probably less than a week.

    • botd

      Btw, I appreciate your excitement in the comments, for real.

      • Hentai Jose

        Any time, man!

        Just happy to be back here and also contribute.

        • botd

          Can you leave something on the Arab Girl post. Just say she has big titties or something haha.

          I’m trying to wait for some comments before I post more.


    Omg! Shorty has got cheeeeeeeks for days! This is an immediate smash and I ain’t pulling out. Reminds me of Jen Bretty on Twitter (someone you should feature here)

  5. lendario


    the best site, does anyone have this full video

    • BootyBay

      Who is that? DAMN

      • lendario

        i think it’s @torontonympho, but i’m not sure. i need the full video

  6. 21mtaa

    Dayum look at that perfect shape!
    Thank you for your work BOTD!

  7. john salchichon

    man im glad you are back!

  8. Hukaatir

    My guy, been a long time fan of your findings and posts. Ad block is disabled. Good to see the hiatus is over.


    • botd

      Thanks bro, I appreciate it. That tells me you have empathy. There’s only a few of us out there that are more evolved than everybody else.

      No offense everybody else, you’re cool too.

  9. botd

    BOTD Merch dropping soon.
    Maybe in like a month.
    Still working on it.
    Here’s a preview of like 5 designs so far.
    Might put out 10.
    Some criticism would be appreciated.
    Be brutal.
    Or at least tell me which one you like the least so I can remove it and leave the better ones…


    No that’s not me.

    • botd

      Worst one is probably the last one right? It’s supposed to be big booty is greater than medium which is greater than small.

      • Lenny West

        You’re exactly right on the last one, lol. I really like the 3rd one.

        • botd

          Haha. Cool so I’ll put you down for like 5 orders. One for yourself and the rest for your family and friends.

        • botd

          I thought you were gonna pick number 2. I was about to say, I made that one a while ago, and someone in the comments said that should be on a shirt…


          Decided not to do it for the dumbest reason ever. “Dur that green glow would never work on a shirt so forget it.” smh

      • botd

        Just realized the merch store made them mad blurry, maybe so that people don’t steal the designs. But I’m sure you guys can zoom in and figure them out.

  10. lolman

    Hey BOTD check this girl out!:


    • botd

      I don’t know, but does anybody else?

  11. Hentai Jose

    Holy mother of perfection!!!!!

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