21 Responses to Curvy Brazilian Fancy Futebol Footwork

  1. Maxwell

    to fit that’s just right, I like a woman who lifts and stays in shape, I prefer that over a fat chic with a fat ass. I know there are a lot of bbw lovers here, but to me fat is not attractive. Now I know botd your whole fat displacement theory and all that, but to me a chic who’s fat and has wide hips and a fat ass are a little more acceptable but definitely by no means good. This type of chic right here is good.

    • botd

      You’re still confused about the word fat. And the way you’re using the word “good” is meaningless to everybody else except you.

      Okay you can say you don’t like any type of “fat” … whether it’s the good healthy fat, or the bad unhealthy fat. So it seems like you’re redefining the word “fat” to actually mean “heavy.” If that’s the case, then you need to clear up what you mean by “good” … Here’s the thing… since life is all about reproduction, to me, anything “good” means whatever helps you pass on your genes. And since all the evidence suggests voluptuous girls that have lots of subcutaneous fat have healthier and more kids than thin girls, fat girls or muscular girls, then by definition, those are the girls that are “good” and better than all the rest.

    • botd

      And I didn’t post any fat displacement theory. I just posted biological facts from scientists that are all available online.

      In fact, a case can be made that fit muscular girls are physically less attractive to most men, since by definition they look more masculine and less feminine than other girls. And by definition again, they’re a WHOLE LOT LESS feminine than the girls I usually post. And by definition just one more time, the voluptuous girls on the Super Stacked posts especially are the most feminine of any other type of girls, since their female parts are the thickest. In other words, their femininity level is off the charts. And let’s not forget the most important thing… their midsections are small compared to their girl parts.

    • botd

      Maxwell, forget about everything I just said. Sorry about that.

      I just realized my replies might have been a little too much for what you said.

      I’m gonna leave it up anyway because it’s information, but let’s just say I agree with you. I don’t like fat girls either.

  2. DG

    id marry hey on the spot tbh

  3. Bootox

    The girl really have skills on the freestyle. About her body I think that is good, she has a pretty face and nice legs (most particularly her thighs).

    Would be cooler if she weren’t wearing any underwear while doing all these tricks! lol

  4. blackfrost

    yup, i want her on my soccer team

  5. Mega

    But honestly, how bout that move at 0:03??

  6. poohbia

    Damn, doing that in heels? Imagine wat other skills she has

  7. Spungn

    With dem legs…who cares how in shape OR outta shape she is!!!! DAAAAYUM dem legs!!!!!

  8. iceman8069

    She fine as hell!

  9. Al buddy

    She can kick me around all day. Lol

  10. MrLeez

    Them Legs! <3

  11. kyle429

    Cute, thick, AND has fĂștbol (no E lol) skills? Win

    • botd

      True I wrote futbol at first but Google says its futebol in Portuguese.

      • kyle429

        Ah, well I don’t know any Portuguese, so they might be right. I’m just used to the Spanish spelling. I honestly had a brain fart moment and forgot that Brazil speaks Portuguese lol.

        • botd

          Haha nah but I make mistakes sometimes so I appreciate the correction.

        • Bootox

          lol And it becomes more complicated because the brazilian portuguese is different from the portuguese from Portugal. Great post, tho.

          • Fivo

            Portuguese here and at Portugal are the same. There are some differences because of cultural issues. More like American English and Britain English.

          • Bootox

            Yeah, I know that, Fivo man (i’m brazilian). They are alike in the structure. But many words used in both languages have variations and completely different meanings. It’s sometimes tricky, that’s what I meant.

    • Yeah


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