17 Responses to Blondie Fesser Argentinian Curves

  1. Bootox

    Blondie Fesser you’re on my preferred list from now on! Beautiful ass to look riding! And that tits! She looks natural (and I bet she is), which adds to the package!

  2. dannt

    Wow, great post man, I love this girl it looks like a classic pin up girl …but more pumped!

  3. assaholica

    You all gonna freak when you see this……………….anal fisting


    • poohbia

      What the fuck o_0

    • Alpha

      Anyone have a link to this video?

    • Maxwell

      Lol @rompeme el culo.

    • Bootox

      LoL The man could put all his forearm inside of her if he wanted!

  4. yabajaba

    Yo BotD! I bought 3 of @ wonderwhooty’s vids. Wanna trade one if I upload all 3?

  5. Spungn

    Ya, wheather she’s fake or not don’t matter to me. She fine as fuuuuk!!! In love with her for this week!!!

  6. Fozzy

    Damm She Banging with all that ,,nice booty to start the new year with,,,

  7. poohbia

    Chick has a nice body, I approve

  8. KingJ

    She is one of the curviest, natural latinas you will EVER see in the business! Here a link to one of here videos: http://www.xvideos.com/video10044466/blondie_fesser_-_ive_never_fucked_a_fan_before#_tabComments

  9. heroin

    argentinian whore!!

  10. yabajaba

    Please tell me she’s not fake. Her whole shape is almost too perfect but doesn’t look too ridiculous like some girls after they get work done.

    Looks like she has a bit more vids and a very active twitter account.

    • E

      Does it really matter if she’s fake or not if she looks that good?

      • yabajaba

        I have to admit, a ridiculously curvy woman is just so much more appealing when she hasn’t been tampered with.

        • Anonymous

          What makes you think that she’s fake, dude? You can tell that she’s OBVIOUSLY natural!

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