24 Responses to Big Butterfly Booty

  1. HornyXpoeple

    Smash the second and last gif got me

  2. Maxwell

    Bro no joke, in one of the vids she’s sucking a dildo, she looks like a straight up tranny

    • botd

      I checked and disagree.

      • Gobot90

        Many, many porn stars look like trannies these days, unfortunately. Amirite

        • botd

          Some of them are, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.

  3. a-boo

    Thats one strong pussy. SMASH

  4. Gobot90

    I would smash that any day of the the week and twice on Sunday.

    Here’s a vid with one smash and one pass. Guess which is which :

    • Boii

      I cant imagine passing on any of these. I would start with the thick one tho (thickness comes first… hence why I’m here everyday) but that slim chick would get smashed in equal proportions.

      I have NEVER seen BOTD posted something I would pass on… neverrrr. Some of them I would want to hug that booty for dayz but others (like the main pic) would still get the D in heartbeat.

      Big up BOTD!!

      • botd

        Thanks man, big ups back.

    • Bubba

      I’m tipped off with them bitches, increased my limit for notting. What you see is all you get, wgaf if I’m the king no one is sucking my pecker. I pass on these bitches bruh!

  5. Mags

    Def into the ass and tities!! But there’s something bout her that looks smelly.

    • Willie Beamon

      Lol. Pass. Might suck a tit or two and get some head with the right amount of alcohol.

  6. Greg

    Fucking gross!! That is Nasty with a capital N!!

  7. Yeah

    Dat name Sage tho. +1 for sounding mystic!

  8. blackfrost

    smash till i’m broke as hell then go to work and make more money to smash more

  9. jaymak

    Man…smashing….every hole…she is getting the sloppy facial special…after plenty of backshots

  10. poohbia

    For a GILF she doesnt look bad

    Pass for me though

  11. iceman8069

    I’ll smash the daylights outta that!

  12. simneo

    Who are these people passing, I would smash this anyday of the week goddamnit.

  13. BSD

    Friends –

    Smash until I can’t smash no more.


  14. Pete

    I’m gonna have to agree brotha, pass.

  15. Douche Baggins

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but it’s a pass… something about her just drops my flag. That’s a first from your posts!

  16. fam

    i gotta pass on that jawn, my brotha.

    • Yeah

      I feel mixed on this one. Smash maybe on certain conditions lol. That 2nd pic she reminds me somewhat of Irish Pawg…where she at tho?

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