16 Responses to Dinner Table Booty

  1. Sifu

    Just found thos site today…wont be getting any sleep, got alot of pictures to see and this one is AMaZING!!

  2. BK

    i get that every night ,,

  3. joey

    What is DG?

    • botd

      Somebody that doesn’t like when I type like a girl.

    • DG

      in other words: me

  4. DG

    i typed confidence instead of coincidence T.T

  5. DG

    hahahah is it just pure confidence i go by DG or do you run thickasians?

  6. BigBootyLova

    Would leave her a cream filling for dessert. 😀

  7. iceman8069

    Damn…I’d go off and pound the fuck outta her!

  8. Jason_H16

    My favorite! Can’t wait to dig in 🙂

  9. Bubba

    Can I skip prayer and just dig in? dang it ok. cheeses christ fogive my tres passes in my holy sister’s asshole. Ammen.

    • BigAssVoyeur

      Hey, wait a minute! What about “… and give me my daily ass”?

  10. j

    Enough ass for 2nds and 3rds

  11. Boii

    I would pass on the food. All u can eat buffet right in the middle of that cross (no groceries)

    • Yeah

      Pass it around. Today is now a thanksgiving.

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