15 Responses to Booties in the Kitchen – Part 2

  1. fucker

    12? name?

  2. drisvisic

    4, 7, 9, & 10 ftw anytime..

  3. Damien

    Guess I’m eating out!! 😉

  4. Rhy

    Whos 6? I want more of this amature.

  5. 3tchris

    4 and 7 are nice too. Anyone know who they are? And who the hell is 2 and 12?

  6. 3tchris

    Damn who is that in number 2 and 12.

  7. black_cloud

    I like 2 and 12. Those girls asses are so phat all that cushion would massage your junk from any angle you hit it. Those are the type of buns I like to see in the kitchen!

  8. Bootyman96

    Best thing ever to have ur chick cook n clean for you while she’s in the nude. It’s a beautiful thing. Wow!

  9. ks4714

    If I could have anything in the kitchen, it would be a sandwich of 11 & 12, with me as the meat!

  10. freelove

    the girl on the picture 10 is felicia clover?

    • Lmno

      Damn that’s Felicia clover, she looks way better there, she got fat as fuark now.

  11. DC

    Awesome! The girl from picture nr 10, who is she, she’s amazing. Have seen here before, would love to see a lot more!

  12. blackfrost

    if i woke up every morning and saw this in the kitchen….yea i wouldn’t have a job cause i would call in everyday.

  13. Bootyfreak

    Nothing in the fridge, but I will put something in her ass for her.

  14. Aalim Chin

    Whoa I just ate but I’m kinda hungry.

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