42 Responses to Steph Kegels Takes it Off in the Library

  1. Oswaldo Romero Jr

    Nice ass, nice girl… even to the point where she showed me her “Dewy Decimal” system …

  2. alex

    Love her

  3. BRUH

    I think almost every video her was taken down.. and this particular one was my favorite..

  4. Darkman22

    I never get tired of seeing this brawd

  5. Bootylover

    Please, guys. Can u drop me link in my e-mail? golumen1@gmail.com

  6. Chaos

    Linking the video will invoke the wrath of god!

  7. Pete

    Always much appreciated bro

  8. botd

    Guys, usually I don’t care, but don’t post links to this video.

    • Demetrius

      Who you think you are Kim yen un. Not allowing your subjects to see the rest of this video. Please post as links..to the video. Or join Sony’s ball-less maggots. Thank ya.

      • Beans

        The fuck are you on about?

  9. "played out"

    what do you mean “played out”? “PLAYED OUT”? come on let’s be real…

    • botd

      I meant the library thing. Definitely not Steph. It’s like the hula hoop thing with Remy. After a while it loses its flavor. No? Okay maybe not.

      • yabajaba

        I always though the library thing was lame. Can’t get those good cam angles and can just straight up do a nice show without interruptions.

        And let’s be real here: we all know it’s fake. Though I guess its really aimed for the peeps that are into that public riskyness. The trend is getting old though…lots of girls on MFC do the library thing.

      • naughtynuff4u

        Yeah i agree same with kelsi doing splits in every video it gets boring from overuse.

  10. Snazzy

    She looks hella thick here. Better get it while it’s still up!

  11. mee(a)t

    I need her in my life

  12. Blackfrost

    played out? you mean played up….keep her coming cause i can’t get enough

  13. 843bigred

    That’ might be the sexiest I’ve seen her in the vines. That image of her freeing that ass in those leggings, with those heels on… Damn!

  14. BSD

    BOTD –

    I don’t know if I want to live in a world where Steph Kegel’s magnificent ass could ever be played out.


  15. Bootyman96

    I love steph kegels! Just like anyone else and whatever about furry pussy or shaved pussy, it’s steph’s pussy and it looks great. Don’t forget her ass, that’s why she’s always on this site and one of the best webcam girls out there. There are still some of her recorded shows somewhere. It’s funny because whenever I look up certain cam girl videos for some reason, rarely, I find a few steph kegel vids. Sooner or later they’re taken off and we all look for someone who is hot as her who has vids still. Anyway now when BOTD post SK I alway have a need to search her up lol. Can we get a redexxxotica post now? Oh shit and an abella anderson post (of her as a cam girl) too!

  16. Mark

    There used to be a lot of vids of her online. Looks like she cracked down on them!

  17. Nourrri10

    Hi all, somebody have the link to this one..?

    • botd

      Sorry but no video links of her allowed here because reasons.

  18. Douche Baggins

    That girl has one of the all time best asses. Shave that bush, though… yuck. Get that shit under control!

    • Lula420

      Actually, I think the Bush makes ir hotter…

      • Jerome

        dafuq is wrong with you? shits gross man

        • poohbia

          Agreed, i like it shaven but for kegles its all good

        • botd

          Personally I like it shaved too, but Jerome, you do realize that lots of people think shaved is gross and that there’s something wrong with you for not liking bush right? Just letting you know cause it sounds like you think this is Jerome’s World.

          • belagund

            LOl? The more bush the better…. I love bobbi starr/veruca/jodi – and others – for that reason , they know how to keep it real & hot² 😉

          • yeah

            True. Shaved or not, people can still find it a letdown to have one…or not for that matter.

          • Blackfrost

            i do like mines a little hairy. other wise i think i’m raping a child lol

        • Lula420

          It’s just hair, man. She is all soft and nice, I doubt she stinks or has any strange fluids comin out of her pussy…

      • Beans

        I actually prefer a bit of hair myself and I agree, that bush is hot. Everyone has thier own preferences so why knock anyone else’s.

        • Douche Baggins

          Don’t get me wrong, while I prefer it shaved (old lady waxes hers for me woot Brazil!), I don’t mind some fur on the burger, but it has to be maintained… short and trimmed. When it gets all crazy, it just… yuck. If I’m eating at the Y, I don’t want hair in my taco.

  19. iceman8069

    Damn…she is bad…I’d pound her out and make her squeal! I love it!

  20. Roy R

    Madre de dios!!! Outstanding!!

  21. DG

    damn that bush makes her 1000000000x hotter

    • GrandMasterAss

      Yeah thats a nice little bush

  22. DG

    kristen k’s snapchat pics got leaked to porn sites anyone got some of them?
    help a brotehr out xD

    • Luv Da Big Booty Hoes

      Yo! Who is Kristen K???

    • yeah

      Woooow. GREAT find, BOTD.

    • jph

      so round and exciting

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