Cam Ass Battle

Which do you prefer. Cam ass 1 in the red, or cam ass 2 in the pink.

36 Responses to Cam Ass Battle

  1. Terd Ferguson

    Booty # 1 obviously


    1.phuq dat ass wth big pussy

  3. Drisvisic

    They’re both lovely…I’d actively seek out #2, but I’d easily compromise and accept #1 if I had to…

    so it’s #2

  4. MOBS84

    well can’t really see her face but even though i believe her user name is (excentrique) from but haven’t seen her online for while….excentrique

  5. Denca

    #1 without a doubt 🙂

  6. veyron89

    n°1 perfect ass

  7. Chris

    #1 all day

  8. Q
  9. Haechi

    Cam ass 1 red pants down ! I mean hands down !

  10. booty addictxxx

    Can’t I have both:( lol def #1!

  11. atothab

    The first one is Excentrique aka Afrodita aka KarinASS. And also she is the winner.

  12. Braxton
    • 123qwassezzz

      Fake ass, fake boobs, fake lips…

      • GreenEggsAndHam

        and your on here for?

  13. Snow

    Number 1! Not even close!

  14. MobyDick

    First camgirl without a doubt! Does anyone have the link 2 the video?

    • rollack

      #1 is excentrique aka afrodita, and i have all her videos

  15. Milo

    Cam 1 for me ;D

  16. Curro

    Cam 1, indeed

  17. Byron

    I firmly get behind #1

  18. Fam

    one. sexier, tanner, bigger, rounder.

  19. Mr. Dre

    No doubt about it, cam #1, hands down! Her body is amazing and that ass is killin!!

  20. That_dude

    number 1

  21. SHOMAN

    Dat ass is big enough 4 all of us…

  22. DanRather

    Cam 1. I didn’t think it was close.

  23. Boooty freak

    #2 looks firmer, but #1 is bigger. So, I have to go with the bigger one, this time.

  24. Ross

    I’ll cast my vote (and discharge my semen) for #1. But I’d happily ream both of them. *SPLOOGE*

  25. botd
  26. AlFranklin

    Booty number 2 goes by the name Franny. As far as I know, she doesn’t make videos anymore. There are a bunch of her vids on Daily motion and other sites.

  27. ill eat that ass

    number 1 without a doubtt..reeeddunkulouss body and booty

  28. Oh Hell Naw

    You post links like these without sauce? Shame.

    • botd

      Haha. If I still had the links I’d post them, cause I know I’d rather see videos than gifs.

  29. Will Smith

    Numero dos

  30. Slamzziiz


    • botd

      Did the gifs a while ago, so don’t have the links anymore, but maybe somebody else knows.

  31. Bill

    Ass 2 hands down

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