10 Responses to Thick and Thin Cam Girls 2

  1. Denton

    Just discovered quite possibly the greatest ass i have ever seen on cam – checkout ‘briawynters’ on chaturbate.

  2. Chaos

    Thick girl easily

  3. name?

    whats the blonde girls name?

  4. I wood

    I would love them both

  5. poohbia


  6. Yeah


  7. yabajaba

    The blonde has a C4S and does all kinds of vids, including the awkward fetish stuff.

  8. iceman8069

    BLONDE!! Smash her brains out!!

  9. Big D

    Why would anyone ever pick the less thick one heck the thick one isn’t even that thick, less your hips are at least 45 inches your not ready for a man

  10. COE

    Like my man Rick James once said, wish I had 3 thumbs so I can turn all 3 thumbs down!

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