25 Responses to New Leaked Kim K Sex Tape

  1. Danny D

    Get The Real Kim K, Fucking Bitch Loves The Dick Up Her Big Juicy Ass!!!!

  2. Cliff Barker
  3. ERAMdat

    How could you not go with Kelly Divine? Or damn, even Druuna or Rachel Star, I mean some booty dude

  4. CAZ

    That chick must be how kim would look when shes 50..cause she doesnt look anything like kim..i’d go with kiara

  5. NormalMan

    They should went with new Lela Star. The call her Kim anyway.

  6. Bootox

    IDK about Kim K., but Kendra made a good job. I got hard seeing that oiled pussy being fucked…

  7. Yeah

    @Duke I agree, Kiara Mia WOULD have been a better fit…both of them though kinda resemble Kim, so i’m okay with it…

  8. mee(a)t

    Lol saw this on reddit

  9. Udder Appreciation

    Now that TPB is down… anyone have a recommendation for a working torrent site? or a way to download the full Kendra video?

    • Rob

      You can try https://kickass.so/ but it also has been having issues lately. Sometimes up, sometimes down.

    • Nick


  10. poohbia

    Whoever did the hair and makeup did a good job, i thought that really was kim for a sec

    • poohbia

      *Im referring to the gif

  11. Quan

    I love Kendra Lust so I’m ok with this…

  12. 843bigred

    my thoughts as well, but any phat panamanian ass will do,

  13. Duke

    Kiara Mia should have,

    • Yeah


    • Caesar

      Kiara is a fuckin good call.

      If she couldn’t/wouldn’t do it then Lela Starr might’ve worked too (with her new look at least)

      [someone post a better version of this, it’s the first vid I found]

      • Bootox

        Lela Star??? Well, maybe. She has a strange alien ass now…

      • poohbia

        Ewww she went overboard with that fake ass, looks weird

        • cutter

          Lela has proven to get decent work as you can her tits have held up. Her ass probably wasn’t cheap, but I gotta agree that she didn’t need to change that tight bubble butt she had already. As for the new ass…. you and I both know we would bomb deep into it if the opportunity presented itself

          • E

            I agree with both sides here. Looks weird to me…But i’d go round an round all day with it. I think its mostly due to her frame though. She’s not thick or anything so it being that big just looks weird.

      • yeah

        Lela Star…it’s arguable, but I’d say no still. I’m still gonna keep my word: Only two Kardashians that I know would be Kiara Mia and Kendra Lust. There was one more too that would fit nicely, forgot her name tho.

    • J Scanlon

      Its Kendra Lust in the clip.

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