Ava and Alexis Video Loop

That new Vine app from Twitter got me thinking, why can’t we loop videos that you can maximize and pause. Hover your mouse over for the controls.

There still might be some bugs, but if it works out, upcoming video loops should be better with more variety, since there’s more options.

Video via elegantangel

– Might not work on some mobile browsers.
– You can use the spacebar to pause on some browsers.
– On IE, if you don’t see a maximize button, you can double click the video.

5 Responses to Ava and Alexis Video Loop

  1. Amante de las Curvas

    Vaya par de culos!!

  2. bruhh


    • botd

      What phone do you have? It seems to work okay on the Firefox mobile browser, so you can try downloading that. I haven’t tried Chrome for mobile, but it probably works on that too.

  3. Dre

    Yes. This is definitely much better.

  4. Blackfrost

    Great stuff!!!

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