14 Responses to Volleyball Girl Practice Booty

  1. Hekima Nash

    Good picture.

  2. Scooter

    Def photoshopped. Seen the original. What a lame way to get attention

  3. Sterling

    I know I’m suppose to be looking at the girl in the foreground,but whats going on in the background is really interesting too.

  4. Funkyship

    I don’t need the original to know that is PSed. i’m not legally blind

  5. Funkyship

    Do you guys not know or just not care that it’s photo-shopped?

    • botd

      Those who know don’t talk, those who talk don’t know.

      Anyway the gentlemen above are smart enough to know that on a site about eye candy, it’s about the girl in the pic, not the girl on the volleyball court in the building in the town that nobody cares about cause they’re not trying to date her. And technically it’s not PSed until you find the orig.

      • Caesar

        Quote of the year: “[T]echnically it’s not PSed until you find the orig.”

        • Sticky1

          Here here!

    • Fam

      I assume some are shopped but I like when people post the link of the original.

    • Beans

      Who cares if it’s PSed? DAT ASS THO!

  6. Toya


  7. Jason

    ALL HAIL TO MR BOTD MAN!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  8. Udder Appreciation

    Sexy as fuck.

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