7 Responses to Booty in Red

  1. Queefsniffer

    PSed version heightens the senses more, but I’m all in either way..

  2. marco

    sorry but looks like a 5 year old kid photoshopped that…. you could have at least fatten the legs to make it more realistic. here is the original for those interested : http://s8.postimg.org/jupqf8705/gazomax_candid_sp012.jpg

    • Funkyship

      if it’s photoshopped, shit is worthless to me. nice job marco

    • botd

      If that’s the original, props to that 5 year old.

      • datasstho

        Kid got skills!

    • TOP DAWG

      The original pic looks like she needs to eat some more red beans and rice.

  3. Udder Appreciation

    Hellz Yeah

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