11 Responses to Booty Poppin in the Pool

  1. mee(a)t

    I love Applegate

  2. Bootyman96
    • botd

      Thanks bro. She’s blacklisted from here tho.

      • Z

        How does that happen?

        • botd

          Meaning I don’t post her any more because she goes around getting her stuff taken down from the web.

          • Spungn

            Wait a minute….she makes all these videos, takes all these pics, then when someone posts them, she has them taken down?!?!?!

          • botd

            Yeah, doesn’t make sense. Maybe she doesn’t want to be associated with porn sites. I don’t know. I stopped trying to figure out girls a long time ago.

  3. Taiwatcher

    what scene is this?

    • botd

      Big Wet Asses 23 from Elegant Angel.

  4. bigswole


  5. ill phil

    I would let her do that on my face breakfast lunch and dinner

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