Gracie Glam vs AJ Applegate

Normally I would ask which one would you bang? But some of you wiseguys would be like, “I’d bang both! teehee.” So which one would you bang FIRST? Gracie Glam the brunette in green, or AJ Applegate the blonde in magenta (or whatever color that is)?

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  1. TheWhootyTeam

    Very tough call, AJ and Gracie are even on the scale of hotness, but if you ask me today I will say AJ……but if you ask me tomorrow…….

  2. Chaos

    AJ. I can’t say no to that booty.

  3. Maxwell

    AJ looks like white trash but i kinda like that.

  4. Jerome

    Definitely AJ applegate!!

  5. Random Fapper

    I’d have to go with AJ.She’s perfectly thick and her eyes and blonde hair make her 10x more perfect.

  6. Fam

    I gots to go with AJ for the win-in

  7. BootyLuvrNo.1

    AJ, hands down.

    Gracie, got them booty shots over the past year. If you look at her earlier work she had a nice butt. Gracie did a scene with bang bros. a few months ago, and either she had a baby, went out and purchased booty shots, or really ate a lot- and most the weight went to her hips and ass. Booty shots are fine, but most girls that get them over do them, making easy to see the fake n’ shake. Iggy, Nicki, Rosee Devine, and Kelly Devine all look good with their shots.

    To piggy back off of one my fellow booty enthusiast, AJ was a bigger girl prior to her name change and she still slays Gracie.

  8. bigswole

    applegate looks slightly thicker, would have to go with her

  9. newt

    AJ.. she has fuller cheeks I think

  10. blackfrost

    Aj no doubt

  11. Tha Man

    AJ applegate would have to be the one. She has the phattest ass cheeks.

  12. DarudeSandstorm


  13. E

    Glams face is just UGLY so i’d definitely go for AJ

    An to BSD…Nobody gives a fuxk if its enhanced or not.

  14. drisvisic

    I’ll go one step further…I’d date Gracie Glam. Aj would just be a booty call. :3

  15. mee(a)t

    This is hard

  16. I like booties.

    Glam. It looks like her booty is more toned.

  17. Sooo

    Applegates hands down

  18. all about them thick thighs, and booty

    I would go with Glam, first. Worth it going out that way.

  19. Polo

    Doesn’t matter, they both will be pregnant when I’m done, but Gracie Clam would deliver first.

  20. jaymak

    i’d go with the blonde….just because…why not

  21. G

    Go green!

  22. bana

    Applegate I love dat was teehee

    • bana


      • botd

        Bana my dude, you don’t have to use your real email, but use the same one (real or fake) whenever you comment, so I don’t have to approve you all the time, ya know.

        • DG

          since i liked AJ for a longer time period id do her first and then gracie. theyre both lovely

  23. BSD

    Friends –

    Both of those girls DO have nice asses, and are PAWGS, BUT these shots are slightly enhanced. They’re not excessive morphs, but they have been altered slightly.

    Of the two, I like A.J. Applegate better. She was even thicker when she first came into porn as Kaylee Evans.


  24. Al Bundy

    Gracie Glam. I’d fuck her till my dick exploded haha

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