32 Responses to Brickhouse Black Booty Battle

  1. ronald keith

    they both bring something to the game!

  2. Lon

    I got to with my homegirl Pinky, one of the best from the Bay.

  3. Jojo

    Anymore of Pinky with this hair, she looks good.
    Maybe link to full shower video?

  4. TMF

    Meh, they dont do anything for me. They look unhealthy and gross to me.

  5. sdfsdf

    ghetto barbie. those titties.

  6. Jay


    does someone know her? I’ve seen some short videos of her on pornhub

  7. Ty


  8. tommytbaron

    Pinky. I generally don’t like black girls but she gives me a mega boner!

  9. John Enigma

    I wanna know, who’s the girl in the second video loop?

    • iceman8069


  10. Smutpeddler

    Goddam pinky still looks good with few pounds extra. Anyone got links to her more recent stuff?

  11. Pete

    Both can get it in a 3some until they dehydrate me and eventually fuck me dry and dead !! I’ll go out a happy man

  12. mondotoken

    PINKY-well she’s one of the GAME CHANGERS in the urban porn market and a BIG BUTT LEGEND!!

  13. Ozz

    Whoa hadn’t realized that Pinky had gained weight. She still looks great though, would def. hit that.

  14. KingJ

    I would SLAY BOTH OF THEM!!! But Ghetto Barbie has a mean body! Check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbWdQNmOt3o

    • ilovemesomebooty

      Good lord!

    • captain jackmehofff

      GB all the way. I look at her and wish I could rescue her from said Ghetto. She’d look amazing all classed up.

  15. poohbia

    If we’re only comparing these two loops then #1 it is for me

  16. BSD

    Friends –

    I think it’s safe to say that most men that like this type of women and this type of female body would have NO PROBLEM with either of these women. Whichever I found myself smashin’ down on, would make me a happy motherfucker.

    Ghetto Barbie is a wonderful specimen of prime sista beef. Right on that glorious fault line between “thick” and “bbw”, where most of my fantasy women live. Titties, “POW”! Ass, “POW”! Thickness and shape, “POW”! Lawd give me strength.

    But Pinky holds a special place for most brothers that have been deep in porn for the past decade. If I EVER got the chance to mount Pinky’s magnificent munsta, y’all mofos goin’ read about it on the news. Cuz I’m a lose my got damn mind. When that rump is big and meaty, with them famous tan lines… I have nutted on sight.

    +1 Pinky. (Hey, if she ate an entire Popeye’s franchise and got sloppy, I ain’t gonna hate. I still remember what she looked like most of her run. That’s good enough for me.)


  17. realreal

    that ghettobarbie girl it’s awesome, instaboner

  18. bootox

    Wow! Pinky really got some weight! Mind you, I’d still hit her if I had the chance, but I remember a video of her from a long time, where she is washing a car with another girl and she was so fine! Miss that time…

    Nevertheless, she is my choice.

  19. Alf

    This what i’m talkin bout’ , bout’ time we got sum sistas up in heeeya

  20. Dreighen

    Gotta go with Ghetto Barbie, when she turns to the side and you see her glorious breasts and that ass, my god. I love Pinky to death tho.

  21. nate

    guys, does any of you knows if AVA ROSE has an Instagram account? sometimes porn actress retires, but they sill have an open account where they at least show, her “regular pictures” with clothes =), you know, just wondering

  22. Douche Baggins

    It’s all about Pinky… top girl just doesn’t have the right shape to her culo. Those are some big bitches right there!

  23. Zorken

    Pinky…. as depicted in this videoloop.. and not.. you know.. after that dramatic weight gain..

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7JtBF72FWY <<<Here she complains about "fat-shaming" (aka people telling the obvious fact that you're fat as hell)

    • cole cash

      Well fat shaming is a thing. Instead of telling her she gained more weight (wich she did obviously), people should go on with their lives.
      Anyways, given the two vids, i’d take pinky but ghettobarbie is quite impressive.

  24. botd

    No love for Ghetto Barbie?

    • iceman8069

      I must say ghetto barbie could get it too…but,I’ve beat off to pinky since I was a young in and would definitely love to hit her first…..ghetto barbie is cute and is definitely thick..she would get it too,I just wanna screw pinky first though!! Lmfaoo!

    • Fam

      GB is dope but gots to smash pinky out the gate.

  25. iceman8069


  26. Fam


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