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  1. botd

    Brent, first off, thanks for the love.

    Yeah that question comes up often, but I’ll answer it again from time to time because other people are probably wondering too. There’s a few reasons why you don’t see that much black booty here….

    First off, big black booty is too common. I see it everywhere, even outside my window. So I like to post stuff you don’t see every day, like PAWGs and thick Asians, because they’re more rare. I mean what’s the point of posting the same stuff everybody else does.

    Second, the big dogs like Bangbros, Reality Kings, Elegant Angel, etc., where I get a lot of my material from, hardly ever post black booty. And when they do have black girls on there, they’re usually not big enough for me because…

    Third reason, I like super phat ass black booty. Not just big, but really big, like the above, like Pinky, Vanilla Red, Luscious Louis, Mz Booty, etc. And there’s hardly ever any new material of super phat black ass that’s HD.

    Hereya go…


    And this…

    And this too…
    https://bootyoftheday.co/2013/01/31/ebony-ecstasy/ (links to about 60 posts from the old BOTD Tumblr that together contain hundreds of black booty pics and gifs) (Edit: The BOTD Tumblr was taken down, so most of these don’t work anymore.)

    • Boooty freak

      Agreed BOTD, black booty is common. Growing up in the seventies, big booties were everyday things to us. But when we saw pawgs, it was oh shit nice ass. Black women were talked about negatively about big asses. Now everybody wants one, among other things.

    • Brent

      Wow i really appreciate you responding! Keep up these great booty posts!

  2. Brent

    Hey botd i love all of your posts and i check this site everyday! But i wish you would post more black women. Usually you post white and Hispanic women, nothing wrong with that but black women started the big booty craze so why not post more of them, the girl in this post is the reason why you should post more ebony sistas.

  3. Chukou

    Oh man, that is funny as HELL!!!

  4. That_dude

    lol tyler a fool

  5. Cakey
  6. Dab


  7. Someone

    Bria is the best part of the video.

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