14 Responses to Shorties in Shorts – Part 2

  1. Mr Jinx

    Does anyone know who’s the last chick? She`s gorgeous!

  2. Udder Appreciation

    The distorted chain-link fence behind the baseball girl’s ass kinda ruins it for me. If an image is photoshopped, I don’t want to know it! Gotta hide it better!

    With that said, the 4 in the middle, and 2 in the bottom-middle: excellent.

    • botd

      Shit I think you’re right. Only explanation is it must have been PSed twice. Next time I need to check for other people’s errors. I mean uhhh, it’s a mystery.

  3. J DiLLa

    half of them (at least) are photoshopped

    love that baseball booty tho regardless

  4. Cris

    who is the last one

  5. banner

    #7 on the right!

  6. RiccardoMx

    Tnk …. I like these kinds of ass in mini pants .. these volleyball players … woowww bowl! fap fap and more

  7. rog

    Unfortunately, I’m thinking 7 and 10 are photoshopped, just too good to be true. Especially considering the rest of their body habitus, and ethnicity. Although there are def exceptions with the latter, my gut tells me they aren’t ha.

  8. joe

    who is #9?

    • RiccardoMx

      Apparently Austin Taylor

      • Quanton Soup

        Doesn’t Austin Taylor have a tramp stamp?

  9. Urhumblenarrator

    love me some volleyball booty

  10. blackfrost

    all of them look great

  11. DC

    Picture 10, omg perfect round booty! Thanks m8!

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