12 Responses to Mercedes Morr Walking

  1. Yolodrol

    How is that even a question she’s not fat at all, not like the mazzariti chic u posted. Does this chic do porn?

    • botd

      Cause a lot of people here frown upon artificial asses, like that Elnaz chick. Umm not saying that this girl’s ass is fake. You guys decide.

      No she doesn’t do porn yet.

  2. Vizzee

    Anyone that says they wouldn’t smash that is gay. I can understand being into skinny women, but that’s what a woman is supposed to look like, regardless of your preferences.

  3. Chaos

    Smash the crap out of it. No question.



  5. BigSwole

    The prompt don’t matter. Real or fake, any ninja on this site is smashing if given the chance, lol.

    • Dab

      Garbage links

      • botd

        Guys I deleted your other comments cause you can’t insult each other here. Dab, instead of saying garbage links you could just explain why you don’t like them, since Big Dawg is just helping out. And Big Dawg, you could reply to him without insulting him back.

    • anonymus

      yo big dawg that rapidgator file for mercedes morr video has just bin deleted.FILE NOT FOUND it says.

  6. Kees

    I would totally smash it!
    Beautiful woman, love those pierced titties.

  7. Andres

    Real or fake…still a hardcore SMASH!

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