Phat Booty Chonga Destiny Walking

Not supposed to post artificial, but this is a Smash or Pass so it doesn’t count.

So Smash or Pass?

And a question for the pros. Can a girl JUST take daily estrogen shots for a few years to get her ass that big, or are implants really necessary? I mean if it’s just from hormones, technically it would be real and would even look natural.

Also, is the above ass real?

via bangbros

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  1. Joseph

    Sh suppose to make it bigger than that

  2. Cheryl

    Eww yuk What if it leaks and shit Pass pass pls pass Yuk

    • Douche Baggins

      LOL it can’t leak…. pretty sure her ass isn’t fake, just phat. Olivia O’lovely’s ass is bigger and it’s real.. who knows?

      • Bigswole

        Don’t know. Done care. She’s a beast in that vid. Lol. Can tell u Gotta roll through correct on those buns or you’re getttin embarassed quick. I think she colombian.

  3. Quanton Soup
    • bigswole

      damn, her junk cray. she far from a novice.

  4. dopey

    she is cuban her accent no doubt

  5. mee(a)t

    Bigswole needs to get off his high horse and stop acting like people have the same attractions. BOTD If you find enhanced ass unattractive, that’s you. There’s nothing wrong with that. As for the estrogen thing, I don’t think you can pick and choose which place you want it to take effect.

    • bigswole

      lol, no high horse. actually the opposite. to me, all this picking and choosing buns hypothetically is ridiculous because 99.9% of dudes who like curves would gladly smash rather than pass almost every girl posted on here if given the chance in real life after a couple drinks, without questioning. to me, sayin ooo, “not sure” because of this or that, and etc., is high horse. i could see if the question was wife it or pass, but its just smash or pass.

      • mee(a)t

        There’s nothing wrong with that. I actually find it insane that anyone could like every big ass just for the fact that it’s big on a curvaceous body. Remember that video loop of the Indian mother with the huge ass…you really expected everyone to smash after drinks lol?

        • bigswole

          Lol, I hear you. Yeah, that Indian lady was borderline. If sober, I’d probably say no, but pretty sure would have went in after a couple glasses of henny with the lights dim.

  6. botd

    Cool. Thanks guys. Cleared up some misconceptions I had.

  7. Douche Baggins

    If they were ass implants, you wouldn’t even know until it was too late (unless you asked). If they were just the fat injections, where the chick has liposuction, and then they inject her own fat back into her ass (if not implants, all of them are this way in the USA since silicone is illegal here) you can’t even tell when you touch it. Since she’s probably an import, who knows? The silicone would probably be firmer than fat, though, and less jiggly.

    To answer your question about estrogen, it will absolutely not cause a chick to have a giant ass… unless it’s because she got fat all over. She’d also be super bitchy, and have no sex drive. The triple FAIL 🙂

    I’m on the fence… she looks like she might be real since she’s thick all over. I watched the preview vid, and the main vid where she’s getting drilled isn’t filmed with the fucking fish eye lens that makes everything look huge. I’m thinking it’s real, so it’s gotta be a smash.

    • Bootox

      Yeah, man. That Paige Turnah butt is amazing! The best of the listed.

  8. botd

    The exception is when a girl gets implants, but then gets thicker so it covers it up and makes it look a little more natural. Then my brain is like, Okay those genes seem pretty good. Looks thick and healthy to me. Go get her cowboy.

    • bigswole

      now you over analyzin heavy lol

  9. botd

    Here’s my two cents… (came out looking more like 2 dollars)

    Been trying to figure out all day why my brain has always said no to silicone, even though I shouldn’t care and just be like whatevs. First off it reminds me that attraction is not a choice. You’re gonna like what your brain has been programmed to like, and there’s nothing you could do about it.

    Got me thinking how I was never able to accept fake titties. Once I even rejected a hot stripper I met at a club cause hers turned out fake. For realz. Okay actually I think she rejected me after I was like “Hey wait a minute, are those fake? Not a fan.” Didn’t think that was offensive. Damn some b*tches are sensitive.

    So yeah I’m pretty sure if one day I’m taking off a shorty’s clothes and I’m suddenly surprised when a pair of ass implants pops out, I’ll probably feel the same way. Even if I try to accept it and just bang away. I think I figured out why though. Came up with a theory that’s way too long to post here. This is the short version, but only people that like the same type of thickness I like will probably understand. There’s a bunch of you.

    I think it’s because deep down subconsciously somewhere in the middle of my brain, there’s something that’s saying, “Okay that body over there is lying about its genes. Stay away, or your kids might come out f*cked up.” Or something like that, you know.

    Another explanation is, rather than seeing it as enhancing a girl’s body, my brain sees it as replacing what was supposed to be there with some type of foreign object. And since the reason people like curvy girls is because our brain interprets thickness as a sign of heath, if it sees something else there instead of natural thickness, it gets turned off.

    In other words I choose Pass.

    • bigswole

      thanks, more buns for the rest of us who don’t care! lol

      • botd

        Haha. Not saying that’s the right way. Everybody’s taste is equally valid. Just trying to figure out why I can’t do it.

        Man if it was my choice, I’d probably make myself attracted to skinny girls with no curves. It would be a lot easier to get laid.

        • bigswole

          i find it hard to believe anyone on here wouldn’t gladly smash kim k in a heartbeat if she tried to get on. same with plenty of other bad ones with fake buns that look good.

          • botd

            True but that’s the thing. To me most of them look kinda deformed with a weird shape. Never felt one, but if they feel like fake titties, that’s another thing. But I agree, if they came out looking and feeling nice to me, exactly like a natural one does, and still had some of that jiggle, then yeah that’s different.

          • bigswole

            imo, the only thing that would be really weird is an actual implant in the buns, because seems like it would feel/move weird. but if its just injected, which looks kinda like what the chick in this main post prob has, then its just fat from a different area on her body relocated and i would assume that wouldn’t feel/move abnormally. just sip some henn and go to town, lol.

    • poohbia

      @botd: I know wht you mean, im the same way. Once I know a chick is fake, it makes me wonder what else is fake about her and it turns me off.

      If all im doing is smashing, then thats no problem, but I wouldnt be able to be with a chick like that long term

    • realreal

      actually i know that my subconscious loves thick bodies, with great curves and a great ass because he’s trying to find the appropiate girl to handle my kids. In the past, before medicine, skinny girls usually had problems when conceiving babies, most of them died or the kid died. That’s why i love big natural butts.

      Also, big fake butts are obvious, most of them.

  10. Shogan

    Pass. Chick just doesn’t look good to me – front or back.

  11. Rev

    TOTAL SMASH! fake or real, that ass looks good enough to eat imo 🙂

  12. bigswole

    smash down. repeatedly. anyone who visits this site and says otherwise is lyin and needs to stop.

    • ill phil

      Hell ya man. If this chick was bent over on anyone of these guys beds ,they would blow there loads

  13. Pawg

    Admin why s Olivia olovely stop work in porn ? she also today have nice big ass

    • botd

      She just finished filming 4 new gloryhole videos so she’s coming back this year. She’ll announce her return on Instagram on August 15 between 7:09 and 7:12pm, unless I just made that up.

      Dude I don’t know. That’s the third question you asked me and they’re getting harder and harder.

      • Anon7389

        “Dude I don’t know. That’s the third question you asked me and they’re getting harder and harder”

        Just like me, looking at these thick women

    • realreal

      she retired. Also why you’re asking about big ass chilean pornstars?

  14. Willie Beamon


  15. alex
    • bigswole

      she is hella bad. always wondered what happened to her. she was one of their alltime best.

    • realreal

      she’s a chilean girl. As you can see in the video she’s a little bit awkward (because she’s new), and the guys recording this video were too harsh on her for that. Stupid guys

    • MilwT

      she looks like Punky Bruster

  16. 843bigred

    i think that ass looks amazing!

  17. ill phil

    I would fuck the shit out of her! For eleven seconds

  18. Bootox

    If it was just for the gifs I would not, but after seeing the clip at Bangbros I say YES!!! She can suck and sit on dick good enough to be ignored… kkk
    And I have to say, the cowgirl position (reverse or not) is my favorite part of a video.

  19. Roy

    I would gladly offer her a seat on my face…real or fake no matter. Have a seat and stay a while honey!!! Life is hard enough now a days no need to stress over real or modified….just enjoy a cold beverage admire and enjoy each and every day!

  20. John

    Definitely SMASH!!!
    He is my two cents…
    “Real”, “Fake”…. WTF!?!
    They are all REAL to me for this reason….
    Unless she takes the enhancement off and leaves it at my house the next morning after we have smashed and needs to come back to get it…. Those would be fake!!!
    All others are real in my opinion and I ain’t mad at cha ladies!!!

    • bigswole

      real talk. i don’t even no why there is a debate on real vs. fake buns. dudes been gladly accepting fake breasts since at least the 80s. if the buns are fake, it shouldn’t matter one bit as long as the injection or implant doesn’t make it look bad. bad looking buns are bad looking buns, so that’s a no brainier. i.e., if the buns would look good if real, then they look good even though they’re not.

  21. MilwT

    look at the ass to thigh ratio…dead give away

    • poohbia

      Yup, usually you cn tell just by looking at the thighs

      Take Kim K for example:

      Kims ass is so obviously fake its funny

      Id still smash tho lol

      • MilwT

        thats for sure

  22. yea

    pass and also she looks venezulan which here in miami a good majority of them have implants or their ass and boobs are not real. But I could be wrong in this case.

    • bigswole

      looks colombian

  23. Jason

    Id smash!!!! & I think her ass is real! I wanna see the full video tho… omg!

  24. G

    I’d smash. No question. 🙂

  25. Al Bundy

    I can’t believe I’m giving this a thumbs down. No bueno.

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