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  1. prcsdark
  2. HornyXpeople

    That second Gif got me amazed

  3. Mr.30mins

    I was wondering when you post her lol. Saw this a few weeks ago.. I nutted to her fucking thighs alone.

  4. bigdoglj

    wonderful!!! she’s really cute. love the 2nd gif!!!!!!!

  5. ilovemesomebooty

    All we need is better camera angles. And we’ve got ourselves a new big booty pornstar.

    I hope to god that she doesn’t get any bigger. Because she’s the type of girl where a few kg/pounds make a big difference.

    Klara gold used to be one of my favorite pornstars. The one video where she’s shooting a video for teamskeet. Perfect doggystyle. And now she’s become chubby.

    Miss “Betty” looks perfect. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about her. I would bust all kindz a nutz!!! Alll Kindzz!!

  6. StLym

    Full name is Betty? Any other scenes?

  7. Dylan

    Botd, ive been a big fan of this site for awhile now. I just wanted to thank you for supplying us with all of this ass.

  8. Brew

    Hey All,

    Long time visitor, first time commentor.

    I could swear this is the same girl as in the below, who is referred to as Rita in other mirrors. Same bracelet and same body. What say you? Either way I loooove this girl.



    • Pfunk

      Not the same girl..Betty does not have a tat on her…The other one has one on her right ankle. Nice try.

  9. Klause
  10. beardo

    Nice looking girl but this just ruined it.

  11. BSD

    Friends –

    I first saw this Betty girl scene about six weeks ago. When I watched it I almost had a spontaneous nutt. I literally almost nutted without touchin’ myself. Almost without even pullin’ my shit out my pants. Watchin’ this girl made me weak.

    I guarantee if she’s stays in porn; the casting directors, agents, publicists and producers will all tell her: “Darlin’, with your look if you lose 10-15 pounds, get in the gym and firm up, we can make you Kristina Jade or Kelsi Monroe.

    Meanwhile, all of us loose booty lovin, thick leg lovin’, PAWG lovin’ mopes out here will all be screamin’:


    Guarantee it.


    • marco

      they’re not crazy enough to change her, she’s imo one of the rare 10/10 i’ve ever seen in porn. perfect booty and cute as hell, really she’s perfect, by chance i don’t know how, she ended up in porn.

      • BSD

        MARCO –

        Dawg, she’s not IN porn just yet. She’s shot one scene.

        This Casting Couch Net Video web site is a Pro-Am type site. The kind of site where you see girls at the very beginning of their careers. If they have one. It’s one or two steps up from you filming you and your girlfriend in her bedroom. A lot of girls pass through sites like this never to be heard from again.

        I love this girl but let’s not get carried away. Check back with her in six months. And much as I want her to stay exactly as she is, I still believe that if she chooses to make a real go of it in porn, the porn establishment WILL take steps to polish her up. They WILL tell her to tone up and firm up to make her appeal to a wider audience. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

        But I still wanna see that phat ass waxed just the way it is.


    • realreal

      ryan smiles didn’t change. She came, she fucked, and she go but didn’t change.

      Now is in jail i think

      • BSD

        REALREAL –

        You are right. Ryan Smiles didn’t change her look.

        She also didn’t have much of a professional porn career.

        She had less than 10 scenes, and most of them were web scenes. She shot one big production house porn scene for Evil Angel in Los Angeles, and one quick scene with Rodney Moore in Las Vegas. The rest of them were web scenes, all in Miami where pretty much any girl that wants to can get into pro-am porn.

        And then there were her criminal problems that you also mentioned. So I don’t think she’s a good reference point for a successful professional porn girl.

        I’d still give anything to hit that Ryan Smiles booty.


        • Pete

          It still hurts that Ryan Smiles is gone bro !!

    • fadedwindow

      I think she’s a one and done. She had a real orgasm in that scene. She will never top that scene.

  12. Top dawg


  13. Suresh Maanlest

    Lovely lower body babe. would love to bang her.

  14. Slayer

    Anybody know who is this goddess? Please and thanks

  15. Poohbia

    Damn son, that first gif got me, hell yes

  16. yabajaba

    Quality post. How did you even find this girl in a sea of generic pornstars…

  17. Gervacio

    does anyone know where i can watch the latest bangbros and brazzers scenes for free? i normally go to spankbang or vporn and normally they put up a good amount but lately they’ve been getting deleted or not even uploaded.

  18. marco

    by far the most cute and juicy pornstar i’ve ever seen (and i’ve seen a lot..)

  19. realreal

    she’s hot and extremely cute… damn, i hope she stays in the industry

  20. JGood

    Lord Jesus she’s thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  21. Pipo

    Namee pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    • yabajaba

      “Big Butt Betty Gets Banged”


      • Top dawg


      • Pete


      • naughtynuff4u

        he wants botd attention so he will see if he will get a reply. i’m sure he knows how to read. lol.

  22. iceman8069

    Good Lord! She’s amazing!

  23. Realloui

    One word.. wow.

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