Going Back to our Roots

For the phat ass lovers. Those that are often misunderstood that like them phat, not fat. I feel you. Respect if you know the difference.

And big ups to you regardless of what your taste is… man ass, woman ass, black ass, white ass, phat ass, tight ass, average ass, noassatall. It’s all good, but let’s try not to knock the next man or woman for liking something different, because nobody actually chooses what they like.

Thanks for reading, now back to the booty.

via bigbootylatinass.com

11 Responses to Going Back to our Roots

  1. wallpall7

    I think you said you posted the link but i just want her name.i saw caroline.last name?

    • botd

      I don’t know man. The only things I know is that her name might be Caroline, and that she’s from bigbootylatinass.com

  2. Andrew

    I could not have put that better myself, I respect the absolute shit out of that statement. Attraction is attraction, and people need to stop worrying about what other people enjoy. That being said, I LOVE ME SOME BEAUTIFUL BIG ASSES!!!

  3. jared miller


  4. Bootylover88

    Just go for that ASS!!

  5. eddy

    Gawd Dayum

  6. jared miller

    who is that actress???…one of the most beautiful asses ive seen in a while!!! 🙂

    • botd

      I think her name is Caroline. I added a link to the post.

  7. Jimbo

    But the question is: WHO. IS. HER!?

    • botd

      I just updated the post and put a link to the site she’s on.

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