9 Responses to Janey’s Thickness – Part 2

  1. Leroy

    The thicker she gets the sexier she gets

  2. DC

    Got a weakness 4 this girl, what a curves! Thanks 4 sharing m8!

  3. GreenEggsAndHam

    Ive waited a long time for you to post more of this beautiful women . . . thank you BOTD

    ~Dr.Seuss’s Friend

  4. tommytbaron

    Man, I’d love to chase her naked ass around in the snow with my freaking popsicle!

  5. BSD

    Friends –

    I remember the first time I saw this Janey girl on the internet years ago. I thought that God was fuckin’ with us. Her body was just incredible. Made me weep just to look at it.


  6. iceman8069

    Damn she is nice, I could have so much fun with that!

  7. big booty obsesion
    • Ctgis

      Dana Vespoli.

  8. Jason

    Do you have the video for this?!

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