26 Responses to Body Massage Battle – Siri vs Noelle

  1. HornyXpeople


    • HornyXpeople

      I mean R.I.P noelle’s curves

  2. blackfrost

    Siri till the day i die folks

  3. Pete

    I’m going to have to stick with Siri on this one

  4. dab


    Full name?
    More scenes?

    • yabajaba

      damn, nice find!

  5. purgekin

    God both beautiful ass women, why are you making us choose??

  6. Janos

    Noelle is more proportional, yes she would be my choice.

  7. isogoth_exar

    Siri 4 ever

  8. swag

    Good lord their bodies. Especially the second one all oiled up, I’d go with her

  9. Jason

    NOELLE EASTON!!!! She is from my home state of TENNESSEE!!!!! 😀

    • john

      do you know where she is from in Tennessee?

      • Jason

        She is from east TN. Knoxville, TN.

        • john

          I never liked University of Tennessee, thats why I went to Vanderbilt but she could surely get me to make a trip to Knoxville.
          Thanx for the info!!!

  10. Spungn

    Damn!! BSD took the words rite outta my mouth, but I don’t think I can only choose one between these two!! I’ll have to do both!!!

  11. Yeah

    Both are good. Equally bangable.

  12. BSD

    Friends –

    Both of them are smaller now than when they were at their best, in my opinion. Don’t get it twisted, I still dig ’em both, but when Noelle Easton first showed up in porn back in 2013, I wanted to drink her bathwater. She was young and tender and thick. Her body was just crazy good. Then she took a break from porn, and when she came back her curves and that layer of baby fat that had made her so juicy and tasty had melted away. She’ still nice, but she ain’t POW! like she was before.

    Same with Siri, but I think that just the years of hittin’ it hard in porn have resulted in her being smaller than she was.

    Both of them are alright, but I’ll go with Noelle for how hard she used to make me.


    • Mr.30mins

      Yeah it sucks, glad I’m not the only one who noticed both slim down. Like what the hell happened to Noelle’s tits? Anyway, I’ll be taking Siri though if I we’re chosen them either now or then.

  13. KingJ

    Siri all day, every day

  14. poohbia

    This is a hard choice but im going with Siri

  15. iceman8069

    This is extremely tough….buttttt…I’ma have to go with Siri

  16. FapperBehindtheBush

    Can I do both?

  17. Litos

    Noelle Easton

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