19 Responses to Battle of the Boobs

  1. Suresh

    Angela White for me here. Because, it is all natural although the Ava’s shake looks better above.

  2. Shadyman1

    Ava just because her nipples look so good to suck on

  3. Jason

    I am going with Angela White. Her boobs are all natural & not that it means anything or matters, but Angela does IR & Ava doesn’t. So um yeah. AW all day!

    • Pete

      Ava has done IR my man

  4. COE

    I wouldn’t mind getting between them and getting knocked the f***k out and wake up with bruises from all that titi slapping.

  5. Kreutzenauer

    Angela White without a doubt!

  6. Porch monkey

    Ava but only if she wears a strap-on and trickles my cherry.

  7. KevO

    I’ve got much love for enhanced breasts but I’d go with Angela White’s all natural beauties

  8. KingJ

    Angela White. Because they are ALL NATURAL!

  9. poohbia

    Im going with Ava Addams here

  10. pgnman

    Angela White OMGZOMG!!!

  11. Seb

    Ava Addams

  12. blackfrost

    Ava Adams FTW!!

  13. Rycchh

    Ava fucking addams all day.

  14. E

    AW 120%. All day everyday.

  15. BSD

    Friends –

    For me the tits are pretty much a pick-em. I’m happy with either pair.

    But I like Angela White as a performer more than Ava Adams. And I think Angela is hotter too.

    +1 Angela White.

  16. Pete

    I’m rolling with Ava

  17. commentingaccount

    Angela. Her’s are still natural. Ava got some implants and lost some weight and she kind of looks like a toothpick with weird boobs now. 🙁

  18. Aalim Chin

    Both are nice. I’m going for Ava Addams purely because of her no hands approach.

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