Booty Gif Throwbacks

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Here’s a throwback of the first 6 gifs I made for BOTD.

Okay I’m lying. The ones above were from Feb 2011, but the first 3 I did were from a month before. Was gonna post them, but they really sucked.

Actually the first gif in general I ever made was in 1998 and was a crappy animation of a stick figure character walking up to another stick figure, pulling out what’s supposed to be a gun, shooting what’s supposed to be bullets, and then something that’s supposed to be blood squirts out of the other guy. It was a hype dope incredible black white and red masterpiece. By that I mean it was terrible. But as soon as I pull out the hardrive from my old comp I’ll share it with you guys, cause I know you’re all dying to have it and just can’t wait to use it as wallpaper on all your devices.

Anyway does anybody remember these gifs?

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  1. Obi Quan Kenobi

    Ah, the great Darlene Amaro. I can’t believe i didn’t recognize her. But who is the second girl?

  2. Jason

    Do you like Abella Danger?

    • botd

      She’s hot, but wish her booty was a bit bigger.

    • Luvbug

      Do you Jason?

  3. animehead21

    Who is the chick in the third clip

  4. Obi Quan Kenobi

    Dang… that first 2 with the chick in the black g-string. Got a link?

    • botd

      First 2 or first 1? Cause they’re different girls. The first one is the G.O.A.T. I hate that acronym btw, cause it sounds like, well, a goat.

      You can find out her name and the video link by typing “Best Ass Ever” in the search field up there, or in the hamburger menu on mobile. I can just give you the link to the video, but that’s no fun.

      Second one I’m not saying yet cause wanna give everybody a chance to guess.

      • Obi Quan Kenobi

        Ah, the great Darlene Amaro. You da man. But who is the second girl? I thought they were the same. One day my booty recognizing skills will be at your level.

    • botd

      Btw, there’s four video loops of her walking. So once you find out her first name, type it up there followed by the word “walking”

  5. botd

    Guys you think her hips are fake?

    video 1

    video 2

    I’m working on a post called Voluptuous Black Girls but only wanna post naturally stacked babes.

    • Pete

      I’m going with fake bro….and IMO, I’m always down with gifs but I enjoy the video loopstoo….60/40

      • botd

        Yeah you’re right. The hips and the ass too. These girls need to stop the madness. It’s insanity.

  6. botd

    I should post the first few Photoshops I did so you can see how bad they were.

    And I don’t mean Michael Jackson bad. I’m talking about horrible, hideous, horrendous, horrific.

    Let me be clear. Grotesque, absymal, what was BOTD thinking, disgusting.

    I would post Exhibits A, B and C, but you guys would just make fun of me.

  7. Bootox

    I think that you should stay with the loops if that will benefit the usage of the website. I can just guess that people who complain about the gifs are doing it because of the automatic loop on mobiles and/or because they want to link or download the content here.

    Your site is pretty good. We can share info and content here easily and things like “Smash or Pass” are fun to discuss.

    • botd

      Thanks homie. I’m glad people like it cause it takes a lot of work. I used to have a life before BOTD.

  8. Sombrero

    You have resources that a newbie in tumblr does not have. So obviously your going to have sheeple posting yo shit main. You remembered what it was like when you started. You wanted to pleze yo followers and make them think yo blog was the shit. As you followers increased in numbers the harder you tried. Now having 5k following means nutin main. So I wouldn’t be upset bout dat main, Instead I would take it as a compliment. I don’t know bout the rest of us but I have to say we recognize you work main. I’ll tell ya this site has made my search for porn a hoe lot easier. I like to see more free links. It’s an untapped resource. An maybe a like boton cuz my ingles is not notable main.

    • botd

      True bro, I used to be a gif jacker too when I first started. I would find gifs on forums and then reduce the file size to put them on Tumblr. At that time there was a 500k limit.

      But I never said nobody better ever take anything from here. All I said was can you guys just please just post my link just once so I can eat?

      Btw, the only resource I have that newbies don’t is probably a credit card to pay for premium content with money that I don’t even have, so I can post new stuff. And maybe also a set of skills that I learned from making gifs all the time that anybody else can have once they start doing their own.

      Whenever I feel like I can’t do something, or it seems difficult, or it would take a lot of time, I just tell myself, “Bro there’s nothing to it but to do it” … Meaning you just gotta get up off your ass and start doing something and eventually you’ll get it right or be good at it. And I mean that in a nice way.

      TLDR: Anybody can make gifs.

  9. iloveemthick

    @botd you should make a gif of jessica kylie new vid on her instagram

    • botd

      Ok I’ll check it out.

  10. botd

    I think I miss making gifs.

    Nowadays I post more video loops than gifs because #1 they’re easier to make, #2 they’re longer and #3 I think most of you prefer them, even tho once in a blue somebody says they want gifs. (There’s also #4, less file size, #5 better quality, #6 sound, etc.)

    The only benefit that gifs have are that they can be played anywhere and that they start and loop automatically, while video loops (dammit I hate calling them video loops cause it sounds long and ugly, but I will never ever call them giphys, cause they’re not…if anybody has an original name, let me know) … okay what was I saying? Oh the loops don’t start and loop automatically like gifs do on your phone unless you download and use Firefox for mobile. But most people stay with the stock browser that came with their phone or they use Mobile Chrome, and Google prevents them from auto playing on that because they care about your data usage or something (aww they’re so sweet). Technically, gifs are way heavier tho.

    So if you disagree with what I post, then you need to let me know. Your opinion matters, your vote counts and all that shit.

    I mean the only thing I’m not taking votes or opinions on are the PSed pics, cause I can check the stats on those, or I can see them being posted and shared all over all the social medias a day or two after people talk shit about them, literally every single time.

    Anyway besides that, let me know. We here at BOTD really value your opinion we swear.

    Or fine, be lazy. You don’t have to say anything unless you see a comment or two from people telling me to post something else besides the thing that you like, otherwise I’m gonna think people like the other thing more. Man that last sentence sounded confusing but I think you guys know what I mean.

    Okay need to get some rest cause haven’t slept.

    Edit: Whoever reads all that text AND leaves a comment telling us what they like is superior and better than everybody else and gets much props, respect and big ups.

    • john

      i prefer the loops because of my phone.
      can use the as screen saver and it lasts much longer
      thanx for your work BOTD and evolution to greatness

  11. Marcus

    Darlene, Lana Paes, Soraya Carioca, Carmen de Luz, Darlene and Darlene again.

    • botd

      Good work dude. You got most of them right. There’s one or two that are hard tho.

    • Bootox

      I really love Darlene vĂ­deos, that ass is outstanding. Another great one is Luana Paes (not included there).

  12. botd

    I just realized they’re all Brazilian.

    Nevermind, I think Carmen’s Cuban.

    • Yeah

      A ciggy in a vajajay? wow

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