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  1. 100 cm lover

    After watching videos of both, Ryan Smiles takes it. Her thickness isn’t as tight but that’s the point, sloppy thickness(ass, not everything else) is sexy.

  2. rastaBBC4palePAWG

    Miss Ryan’s ass looks like it bounces to the rhythm of the heat. Id take a girl like that , dope her up, and fuck her for weeks…

  3. Goldy

    The best asses in porn history are: Naomi Russell, Darlene -Brazil, Luanna – Brazil, Brenda Werner -Brazil, Cherokee D’ass, Mya G, Pinky, Ava Rose, Alexis Texas, Johnni Black, Nina Hartley, and Ryan Conner; Ice LaFox, Jenny Hendrix, Olivia O’lovely. Nowadays, most these chix got ass shots; especially Kelly Divine.

    • Udderman

      really dont think kelly has ass shots, ass too jiggly…her ass just got bigger as she gained weight…not only her ass got bigger but you can tell her whole body got thicker

  4. Lala

    Harmony reigns. In the butt department, she’s as thich as Ryan Smiles I guess + that her boobs are much bigger and her attitude and fucking british slut accent wins me over.

    • Nate

      Omfg this is bot year material! I think is even hotter than roxi pawg (the cam girl too) wow, we have to find out who this pawg is asap. Guys help!!

      • PawgWorshipper

        You find anything man? Seem to have missed the boat on this one :s.

    • Electriwizard

      You’re a genuis!!! You’re a life saver. I just had to download the video. SUPERB!! THANKS A LOT.

      • PawgWorshipper

        Ah vid deleted! You still got it man? Or any pics? I’m curious now. Ha.

  5. Electriwizard

    I guess we’re on slow motion this year; or just giving everyone a chance to comment? If I like a girl so much, I wont wait until she shows up in BOTD !! I’d just be stuck on her website. Are we runnning out of new material? Fresh meat?

  6. Taiwatcher

    Botd check out teamskeet and check out harley jade new trailer. she might warm up to and get a spot on here

    • RookieTime123

      Yeah I second that, Harley Jade is a great kind of thick. I wish her scenes were abit better but she is built correctly.

      BOTD That new Remy Lacroix scene with her on a segway is amazing. Remy looks like she has gained 15-20 lbs and is THICK as a bowl of oatmeal. It’s delicous,

    • Pete

      Yeah, I gotta agree on this

  7. BigAssVoyeur

    In public? Hell yeah (but might nutt too fast)! Ryan Smiles in private, Harmony Reigns in public.

    Anyone got a link to the harmony reigns vid? She’s so freaky!

  8. Alex

    I fucked a few girls in public already

  9. nate

    did anyone ever found who this girl is? i know the link appeared in one of the BOTD post last year. by some user, anyway, here is the link. hope someone has something on her.


  10. Pete

    Gotta go with my girl Ryan Smiles (hopefully she is back thicker than ever) but Harmony Reigns is a close 2nd

  11. Guest

    Choosing Harmony while completely aware that Ryan Smiles has the more extraordinary physique, simply because I wasn’t born with eyeballs where my nuts hang (and thus, can’t really get a perfect view of that ass while banging). Gotta say though, genuinely thick Asian women (if you can find one) have a place in my heart because of their uncommonness. Shout to females from Hawaii…. https://scontent-lax3-1.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xap1/t51.2885-15/e15/11334433_103807843288035_184643966_n.jpg https://scontent-lax3-1.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t51.2885-15/e15/1173130_1462691883965750_929120609_n.jpg https://scontent-lax3-1.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xpa1/t51.2885-15/e15/1209499_1469098656648602_2014129381_n.jpg

    • ilovemesomebooty@

      Isis taylor. Excellent pornstar, amazing ass and a beautiful face.

  12. mondotoken

    Ryan Smiles because she has that “Once in a Lifetime PERFECT ASS” that puts her in the same category as Caroline Pierce, Olivia Saint, Alexis Texas (Begrudgingly) and Nina Hartley (BIG BUTT LEGEND).

    • Alf

      Hahaha are you serious? Maaan bruhh you don’t know what a real bonafide juicy ass is if you got Nina Heartly up there on yo list. Wanna know a real ass? Cherokee D’ass , Ryan Smiles, Destiny, Tomomi Motozawa, Diamond Monroe, Shiori Tsukada, Futaba Hashizuku, Lucky B, Siren Dee, Jayla Foxx, Ms. Cleo…. man stop playin you don’t know nothin about ass my G.

      • mondotoken

        STFU-Put my screen name in a search engine and see what you find. I’m not going to take the TROLL BAIT biatch!

    • Valentine

      Yo you must be a real OG to list Caroline Pierce. I gotta give you props for that.

  13. poohbia

    Ryan smiles

  14. Alf

    This ain’t even an argument. Ryan Smiles is in a special White girl booty category that not many pawgs are in like Lily Sincere , and Candy Nicole and White Diamond….eeehhhh maaaybe you could add
    Virgo Peridot and Kelly Devine…
    FOund the link to the whole scene You betta whack before they take it back hah.

  15. bootox

    Really hard to choose but Ryan’s ass definitely makes me want to fuck her anytime, anywhere.

  16. blackfrost31

    harmony all the way no doubt. in public, in the bed, in a outhouse, at my grandmothers, where ever anytime no doubt.

  17. Mr. 30mins

    Ryan anytime and every time! Her ass blows me up more than any porn chick has other than Ava Rose. With that being said she just tweeted on twitter @RyonCherry announcing she’s back. We’ll see.

    • KingJ

      Amen to the Ava Rose comparison my brother!

    • bootox

      Oh, man! I hope this is serious!

      I’m crazy to see new scenes of Ryan riding some dick. The vision of that jiggling ass going up and down is just amazing!!!

  18. Cjay

    ill go ryan smiles , Dammm

  19. ilovemesomebooty

    I would go for Harmony. They both are thick as hell. But Harmoney reigns has killer eyes. She could make you bust a nut while staring into her eyes.

    The only person who i’ve seen fuck her properly is Nacho Vidal. The other scenes of her don’t even have proper doggystyle which is her best position.

  20. Fam

    I’m goin for Harmony. I mean, look at her! Ryan has something special but the thickness isn’t as solid as Harmony and I love a solid type of thick.

  21. KingJ

    Can someone at least find and upload the link of that Ryan Smiles video please!

    • Alf

      Look below where i posted

  22. iceman8069

    I’ve already banged my ex in public..lol..but yea,I can’t choose between the two of them…I’m banging both of em in public…shit, I’m banging both of them anywhere for that matter!

  23. BSD

    BOTD –

    As usual, (for me), I have a complicated and not so straight forward answer to a simple question. Smile.

    When I was much younger and less-inhibited, I DID have sex in public places a few times. We were just out of our minds with horniness, and at our wits end on what to do. So we just went for it quickly. Having sex in front of an AUDIENCE in public, is a whole different story. I don’t think I’d be down for that. I know my limitations. I’m just not that cool.

    As for Ryan and Harmony, why doncha just ask me which one of my balls would I prefer to have shot off.

    I actually think Harmony is overall sexier, freakier, and she is the much better porn performer. And she is great looking. I loved her thickness in her earlier scenes. (The Cosplay scene where she plays a waitress makes me nutt just thinking about it.)

    But there is just something about Ryan Smiles.

    I think it is the tantalizing tease that she’s represented over the past three years. Only a few scenes, that magnificent phat, loose booty and those tits, the hair, the skin, the little bit, just a bit, of skank crust that she has to her, I could go on and on. And that crazy backstory with her; the criminal behavior, the in and out of porn, the whole deal. She’s almost become more legend than actual porn girl.

    I would be very happy to fuck Harmony Reigns anywhere, anytime.

    If I got to step to Ryan Smiles, (in her prime thickness), I would LOSE MY MOTHERFUCKIN’ MIND.

    I hope that’s an answer.


    P.S. – I think this recent Ryan Smiles scene that’s popped up in the last few days may have been one that Industry Invaders had in the can for some time. I don’t think this is a new shoot. But I could be wrong.

    • Valentine

      10/10 post

  24. realreal

    what the fucking fuck jesus christ ryan smiles is back??

    • botd

      I think it’s from last January.

      • realreal

        oh right, we’re in 2016 i tend to forget that 🙁

        anyway, Ryan Smiles obviously… She had the ass.

      • Momo

        No, man, this video is from a few days ago on Industry Invaders. They claim that she’s back but from her twitter a while back she seemed angry with the studio so I’m surprised she would ever film with them again. They might have recorded this a while back and just uploaded it but we’ll see. I have no evidence she’s been active anywhere else recently.


        • ilovemesomebooty

          @ Momo

          Oh praise the lord! I thought after the dumb shit she did by trafficing girls, i had the assumption that she was done for. I’m glad to see this fine pawg back on the screen.

          • blackfrost31

            trafficking women?

      • Pete

        She’s claiming she’s “back” on Twitter and the scene is recent….who knows

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