42 Responses to Battle of the BBWs

  1. Bigjay

    Gotta give it to lexxi been huge about her figure for a long time. Plus she’s got a cute face to top of all off

  2. #toolate

    lexxxi for sure

  3. Suresh

    Felicia this time. Although I like them both.

  4. Garcian

    Felicia all day. Redheads are flat out sexier and Felicia’s tits are real

  5. michael

    Felicia all the way

  6. kixxxers

    Lexxxi all day! However given the Opportunity Felicia would be Rogered just as Vigorously!

  7. douche baggins

    Nate Cook has it all figured out… Lexxi blew it when she had her reduction… her girls are odd looking now, but her ass is SUPER juicy. Felicia doesn’t have the right shape of the hip to waist from the rear, but her funbags are FTW.

    • Suresh

      Well said!!

  8. nate cook

    fellicias top half and lexxxis bottom half and the face probly goes to felicia

  9. NP3228

    Lexxi all day even though I think she’s retired.

    • NP3228

      On second thought ill take Felicia

  10. eddy


  11. John


  12. Johnson

    That’s disgusting

    • HWBD

      Then why reply?

      Lexxxi hands down

  13. Amante de las Curvas

    Always Felicia

  14. G

    Lexxxi for the win. Thick but firm.

  15. Steve

    What are they battling over? A double bacon cheeseburger?

    • HWBD


  16. Andy

    I’d go for Felicia. I like both, but since you said, we MUST choose.

  17. trahud

    Felicia. She’s thicker than lexxi and havee alot more ass I can grab on. Love to see her ass bounce up and down.

  18. Short Cock

    Im not man enough to handle theese fat women. But if I take a few viagras I could handle both. thats the ticket I have short cock 🙁

  19. funkateer

    Felicia. prefer natural boobs.

  20. Byron

    I’m gonna back Felicia on this one. I want to take a dive into her fire crotch.

  21. DanRather

    Lexxxi Lockhart

  22. BSD

    +1 – Lexxxi Lockhart.

    I wanna give her my paycheck.


    P.S. – I love Felicia too, but Lexxxi is my dream.

  23. Rick Lewis

    Obvious preference is both but to comply with the rules I’ll go with Lexxie.

  24. Clyde


  25. Drisvisic

    Damn…Wel, I’ll go with Felicia this time lol

  26. TOP DAWG


  27. Bee

    Lexi Lockhart

  28. yoyo

    lexxxi all the way

  29. Pete

    There can be, ONLY ONE !!! I’ll go with Felicia…love Lexxxi tho’

  30. Brent

    Lexxi their both thick but lexxi is hotter.

  31. jWILL253

    Lexxxi, hands down yo…

  32. Ross

    Neither. I don’t find them attractive.

    • Pete

      Sad sad day my man

    • botd

      That’s okay. Ross is an avid commenter, so I pardon him.

      • the squidhunter

        I just read that! Whats wrong with Ross?

  33. Jason

    Felicia 100%, I dig redheads…and dat ass

  34. realreal

    i always had a big love for Lexxxi, let’s hope she makes a gangbang scene lol

  35. Spungn

    Why do insist on making life so cruel!!! We can only pick one?!?!?!?!

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