46 Responses to Plus-Size Model Battle

  1. Bigg.D

    I would smash both of them either 1 at a time or both at the same time….That would be one hellava field trip, so im packing a double LUNCH…

  2. Aaron

    First one for sure omg when she turned around my fuckin cock got hard, bbw models are so fucking hot i don’t even need em fully naked. Curves are so sexy!

  3. Butto

    B is Babi Monteiro from Brazil.

  4. Jason

    Second is Babi (Barbara) Monteiro.


    • Jason

      She is braziliam model.

  5. Dreighen

    B then A, but “someone” posted the vid to B that girl before her omg…now you should put HER on here and ask this question, she got the shape.

  6. Southwestern

    Neither. Graham’s gut-to-butt ratio isn’t satisfactory IMO and the other chick’s shoulders are too broad. Cute girls, though.

  7. someone
  8. Jalon M

    I thought this was booty of the day not belly of the day? Fellas, lets be real here! These chicks are straight up fat. I know most of you like them with meat but they are meaty as hell. There’s a difference between thick and fat. I know you guys are going to crucify me but I like mine stomach in ass out.

    • beardo

      Don’t think you said anything wrong.

    • poohbia

      I agree, this is borederline territory to me too

  9. Jerome

    Would need to see the butt of # 2…

  10. BootyFreak

    Both would get smashed to death and it’s hard to choose who’s first. I guess A first, because she shows that phat ass, even though B looks tighter and more fit, but we don’t get to see her ass.

  11. Seb

    B and after A

  12. Goldy

    Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence are the two hottest plus size super models in the game.

  13. Suresh Maanlest

    My choice is A.

    I like both of them but A is better.

    Thanks for posting!!

  14. Charlie

    A fasho. them curves. Bs upper arms too flappy

  15. dennypas

    both, but a if i had to choose.

  16. Blade

    Isn’t the second one Juliya Lavrova?

  17. KingJ

    Ashley Graham all day, evey day!!!!

  18. poohbia

    Im smashing A

  19. E

    I think i’m gonna have to go with A because she is clearly extremely comfortable in her body and defintely confident that she “has” it. Which is a huge turn on.

  20. kayto

    can’t handle neither 🙁

  21. Geist

    These women need to stop being glorified for being obese.
    Time to lose some weight, but keep all that ass please.

    • Gobot90

      You are a dick.

      • iceman8069


  22. Pete

    BOTH !!! I’ll be damned if I pick only one

  23. Jaybone

    Both are amazing. I’d smash the first one (would not pull out) then bang B like it’s going out of style (also would never pull out) then have a 3 some with both and plant my seed in both!

    • Spungn

      Dammit Jay!! Why didn’t I think of that!! Nice one!!

    • Aznluver

      Took my words out of my mouth.

  24. Spungn

    First off, so sad that these chicks are considered plus size! They are BEEE-utiful!! 2nd – smash the HELL outta A, the smash the FACK outta B!!!

  25. Basileus

    A, then B, then A and B, then A again, then a sandwich for all, then B again, then A and B once more.

    In that order

  26. spiderm

    first one because I can see that ass, the second one i don’t know if she have one…

  27. Cityheat

    Neither. But water polo would die from the experience.

  28. beardo

    B over A. Not sure if I would tell anyone though.

  29. Zeet

    A. I like her confidence.. and hips.

  30. Monyluv

    Both smash!!!! No doubt. Both Beautiful

  31. BSD

    Friends –

    I would smash both like I ain’t got good sense.

    I would try and kill the second girl with smashness ferocity. I would drink her bathwater.


  32. Electrizard

    I’d say B.

  33. TOP DAWG

    I will take B. Then if I had enough energy after banging the fuck out of B then A would get it too…LOL

  34. iceman8069

    I’ll smash the life outta A!!! She fine plus has the right amount of jiggle to all that meat! I can just imagine that slapping against me as I pound her out!

  35. HeinouS

    D. Both

    • botd

      Okay but I’m trying to find out which you like better. Fine let’s put it this way. You guys could say both, but which would you bang first?

      • commentingaccount

        I’d smash them both with the force and fury of a hurricane(and that water polo chick from the next post as well), but I’d have to go with A and then B. If the water polo chick were to be included, it’d be her, then A, then B.

    • rick_lewis201

      Both, of course. They are both very hot and very thick, Just like I like em!

    • Los

      Ashley Graham is just too fine. Hulk smash.

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