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  1. BigAssVoyeur

    You guys’ replies are splitting my sides! The primary reason I like this site is the posts by readers. The posts by BOTD are a close second.

  2. nate
    • yabajaba

      I remember these gifs. The vid looked so hot yet I could never find it uploaded anywhere. That was back before I was ever willing to spend money on this stuff. I really can’t remember any names/info. Slight chance she might be a model on BlueStarLive but don’t take my word for it.

    • thebootylover

      Daym that ass is beyond golden , have you found her name ?!!! .

    • Anonymouse
  3. Southwestern

    She’s built like the Germam Sarah Big Butt. Phenomenal, even with the bad euro face.

  4. BootyFreak

    She’s built for bangin’! That’s the kind of woman you ride like a thoroughbred. Pull her hair like the reins and smack that ass!

  5. Mr. Grapes

    Im go to water polo matches now…

  6. Ahmet The Mountain Climber

    ༼ ಥل͟ಥ ༽ OOOH – SHEEE – YYY*T!!! *body shivering. heart pulsing out of rhythm* ༼ ಥل͟ಥ ༽

  7. lone hand

    but there’re almost no pics, and she doesn’t have instagram, so it’s pointless

  8. yabajaba

    Found a lil more of her:


    While trying to spot her out in the team, all you see is ass. I feel like the japanese are the only ones who understand how sexy bathing suits are. I’ve yet to see swimsuits featured in non-JAV porn.

    • Ilovemesomebooty

      You’re doing us a great favor for providing us with this excellent material. I don’t care what you guys say, there is a time when a woman’s ass is so great that you don’t even care what her face looks like. This is definitely that time.

      Talk about a pawg! My goodness! My member would be rooted in that pussy. Words cannot express how amazing her ass is. If she ever quits her career as a swimmer, she needs to go and do porn. Or have an instagram to say the least.

      Freaking magnificent!

    • Joeeee

      Doubt anyone will ever check this, see this, but if anyone got the original vids linked here, the last two are now gone. Anybody still got them?

  9. Lone_Wolf

    Wow, it’s actually real 😀 She’s as thick as the usual photoshopped photos.

  10. yabajaba

    Holy shit, thought this was a ‘shopped pic for a sec. That’s pretty damn thick for a swimmer.

    • BSD

      YABAJABA –

      Where I live, water polo is a big deal in the high schools and colleges. There is a very pronounced difference in the body structures, especially in the women, of water polo players, competitive swimmers, and competitive divers.

      You will notice that many, if not most, of the water polo players have thicker, heavier, and stronger bodies than the competitve swimmers whose bodies are much more streamlined. And the divers are the smallest of all. Girls who are too slow to be fast swimmers, and too big to be divers, have a place in water polo, where size and strength can be an asset.

      And they have a place in my fantasies.


  11. Mr.30mins

    Holy shit, man!

  12. BSD

    Friends –

    They would throw me off of that pool deck.

    Cuz if I saw that get out of the water, I would pull my shit out and commence to jackin’ right there in the stands.

    And then it would be off to jail for me.

    Lawd have mercy.


    • Pete

      Hahahaha you a fool for that one

  13. seanjohn100

    i tried my best to find out who she is but this the best i could come up with. she isnt the best (especially when you see her from the front) still thick though

    • yabajaba

      The shoulders definitely seem a bit broad, but can’t deny the back view.

      • Douche Baggins

        she’s a swimmer… they always get the broad shoulders… the ass is undeniable, though, and that’s the hard part!

  14. She got donk

    What the fuck! Now that is PAWG material. Any idea where this is from, or who that female is?

    • bd

      “Plebiscito Padova” is written on her back, that is the name of the team, from Padua, Italy. But no idea of her identity, and if she’s still a player there or not.

  15. iceman8069

    Wow! That’s an ass!! Them thighs too…whomever has the pleasure of being with her is a damn lucky person..sheesh! She is a thoroughbred for real !

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