6 Responses to Desi Cutie with a Booty

  1. Mingtian

    Oh my god, look at her…


  2. BootyLickerTongueDigger

    sorry to spoil the fun, but i’ve seen this chick, definitely not the size she was carrying on her as it seems in the pic . This pic is photoshopped. She is cute though and oh she is married to an Indian millionaire.

  3. DC

    Yes, that’s a great cutie with a booty. Would mary her definitely! 🙂

  4. black_cloud_2012

    Yes! About time you guys posted a phat ass indian girl. I’m in love.

  5. blackfrost

    of course people who go to oxford look good lol

    • anon

      Negro that’s a dictionary not an Oxford text book XD

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