38 Responses to Thick Milfs and Cougars – Part 5

  1. kek

    pls number 1 too

  2. kendakal

    plz number 1

  3. Hey hey

    Number 5 is Eva Notty

  4. TNS

    Hey @BOTD, there’s a picture missing from this I think….I’m looking for one that was in one of these MILFs series and I believe it was this one but it ain’t here anymore…..what happened??

    • botd

      Yeah I got some type of legal email from her asking me to take it down.

  5. David Smith

    Names for 2,4,5,9, & 12 please. Also need more of 2,4,5,9, & 12.

  6. Smutpeddler

    Number 7! Wow, who is she please?

  7. Malignaits

    #8 is samantha alexandra

  8. Another Guy

    Milf Number #13 name pleaase

    • Carneades

      Yeah @BOTD who’s #13?? She’s fire. (I had to go back and catch up on these days)

  9. ooh!

    BOTD whose the 5 the on?

    • botd

      I don’t know, but her face looks like an older version of my ex.

  10. This guy!

    I can only venture to say that some of you cats are in their 30’s based off the comments? LOL! On the real though, i share the same sentiments with some of you guys, these women, although older, are much more sexier than those xxx stars that phuked up their bodies with body augmentations etc. Sorry, some fact, definitely my opinion. And yes, numero uno is…wow. Dare I say she is in her late 40’s?

  11. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    And a little more of #1 and #12

  12. BSD

    Friends –

    Would #1/12, 5,9, and 11, please report to my office for your SMASHINGS!

    The other please remain in the waiting room. Your time is coming when I get finished with this first batch.

    Lawd have mercy.


  13. Electriwizard

    Wow. Nice. Eventually all girls have to age and mature. Not all of them will turn out to become milfs. I’ll choose a mature over a youngster. Good memories; cougar vs teenager boy.

  14. Rekka_Kien

    Good lord #3. Who is that!?

  15. oxidanta
    • thesugadaddy

      She looks a bit thicker on the photo compared to the video. Think it might be shopped?

  16. Your Boy

    What are the names for #1 & #2? Damn! Talk about MILF perfection. You can’t tease us like that! Your fans need names for these MILF’s if perfection

  17. Beans

    Number 3 DAMN! Anybody know who she is?

  18. Bootyman96

    I love the milfs and everything but BOTD what is up with the site man? Lol like I see a complete in the site with links and a white page like was the site hacked or something? Lol what happened with the webpage? Besides that love the new post.

    • botd

      Oh shit haha. I fucked up the mobile site. I had to restore it to an old version, but I’ll fix it tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know tho.

  19. kyle429

    5, 8, 10, and 11. DAMN!

  20. poohbia

    #1, 2, 13

    Anyone got names?

  21. John

    I’m feeling 1, 5 and 10.

  22. Damnhot

    Whos #1? Need definitly more of here shes awesome!

  23. realreal

    thick milfs, my favorite combination and my biggest sexual fantasy

    • Spungn

      YEEEEEAAAA-UUUHHH!!! I agree brah!!! Favs rite heeya!!!

  24. rhy

    1,3, and 8 please. Also, BOTD check out Marcy Diamond’s porn debut with a bbc.

    • botd

      Hey bro. Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I checked it out but I think I preferred her better before. Looks like her body shape changed a little, I dunno.

  25. iceman8069

    Dammit man!! I’ll take all of them!!

  26. DG

    id pick #6

  27. TOP DAWG


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