8 Responses to Bad PAWG Gets a Spanking

  1. Dirty Urine

    Looks like Rachel Rays sister her name is Sunny

  2. blackfrost31

    i was never into the whole spanking fetish thing

  3. Bootyman96

    Slap dat as.

  4. denton

    You see some fantastic asses on cam but for me its always when they get in a certain position or hit a certain pose that shows of the ass curves to the max.
    Just discovered a girl on MFC called xladysix who shows off her delicious ass soo well. The real magic happens when she hits this pose laying on her side and starts playing with her ass.
    (i’m watching a vid of hers as i write this lol).

  5. yabajaba

    Someone also posted the name on Reddit so I went to go look up her camshow recordings. Disappoint! In the screencaps for practically all of them (there’s a lot!), she rarely seems to show her ass. On top of that, it doesn’t even seem that big anyways. A bit meaty yes, but the gif is kinda misleading.

    Now, I’m gonna have to recommend checking out HayliHaze. Now THAT’S an ass.

    • bootox

      I liked the recommendation. Although I think she’s not that big (ass), she’s certainly sexy.

  6. iceman8069

    Super sweet ass and cute!

  7. denton

    r6cat chaturbate.
    Few years back used to be slightly slimmer, under the name soccercat.

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