Jenny Hendrix Triple Stack

There’s three videos.

(1) How to Arch Your Back

(2) How to Give An Assjob – Part 2 … and …

(3) A Walk with Jenny

Press next to see the others.

Her ass isn’t huge, but she knows how to stick it out. Ladies, take notes and learn how to arch your back. It’s very important.


11 Responses to Jenny Hendrix Triple Stack

  1. illphil

    Thanks A present! At the 10:10 mark of the clip the guy must be in heaven

  2. dayum

    damn dude reading ur description gave me a bonner llol

  3. ill phil

    She’s one of my top 3 faves. I remember the first scene I ever watched of her was when she was with a few other girls. They were shoving golf balls up each other’s asses or something. And then next time I seen her she was gaging on her first cum load in the mouth.

  4. Goat

    She has a scene called Ass Addiction 3 that’s 10/10. Highly recommended to all ass fans.

  5. Luv BOTD

    Gotta love Jenny

  6. Dab

    By the way, it should be Massive Asses 2 or something.

    • memnoch

      Yep thats it!

  7. Dab

    I miss this bitch.

    • yoyo

      same here!

  8. botd

    Can’t give out a link to the full video, cause I’ll get in trouble with Elegant Angel.

    You can either click the link above and subscribe for a good quality version, or just wait for one of our regular booty experts to come to the rescue with a link. Fear not.

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