11 Responses to A Walk with Jenny in a Mini Dress

  1. gawulon

    Thx Littles. You’re my hero!

  2. Littles

    I found out where the scene came from. It’s Ass Worship 10. http://www.data18.com/content/scene_156901.html for verification.

  3. Bee

    I’ve all ways been a fan, some people used to list her as just a skinny teen, but girl’s all ways had ass! Can I get a Whooty!!! http://nud3.com/content/Girls/Jenny%20Hendrix/Ass%20Parade%20Booty%20Surprise/big2.jpg

  4. That_dude

    im jealous of the dude

  5. blackfrost

    very nice.

  6. drzjayz

    Anyone know what scene this is from?

  7. StickMan




  9. Bootyman96

    Jenny is that hot blonde bitch next to Alexis Texas. Also blondes like jasmine Jolie, Austin Taylor, and the new chick Julie cash. #BustyBlondes rule man.

    • Mowballer

      None of these girls are blond. They’re all fake blonds. Jenny Hendrix is half Italian half Filipino. Alexis Texas is half Puerto Rican

  10. trahud

    GODDAMN! That’s all I have to say about that…

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