16 Responses to Curves in Bed

  1. Jerk

    all’s before was wrong

    she is:

    Lina Posada

    I’m pretty sure of that

  2. awestruck


  3. anthony


  4. Guest

    Hey Botd I need to talk to u man.. I need a favor… Please contact me at *****@live.com

    • botd

      I think it’s easier and safer if you send us an email at bootyoftheday@gmail.com … you wouldn’t want to make your email public like that.

  5. I dont think so dude

    I dont think thats her.

    • Kadosch77

      She’s not Denise Rocha Leitão 🙁

  6. Hadking94@hotmail.com

    Is this really her though I can’t find this picture of her

  7. Haechi

    Denise Rocha Leitão

    you’re welcome

    • Hadking94@hotmail.com

      Thanks man! 😀

    • Kadosch77

      Hey dude,she’s not Denise Rocha Leitão!!!

  8. Haechi

    Wow that is a goddess. Any idea who is she?

  9. who is that

    Who is that

  10. t-bird

    Uber Goddess body!!!

  11. Boooty freak

    That’s the kind of body I want to lay next to. Niiicce!

  12. Enigmaess


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