16 Responses to It’s Alive

  1. Joe Acosta

    Omg beautiful

  2. HornyXpoeple

    That pussy talking to me

  3. LuhDatBooty

    Any jada stevens is okay by me.

  4. Bingo

    Wow is this Joey kid for real, lol acting like he’s a paying customer with the “ill take my business elsewhere” mentality, kid this is a site for adults who like vagina, you’re not a paying member, nor are you paying to see this, you don’t like GTFO and don’t come back.

    • botd

      Thanks, tried to say this myself but couldn’t.

  5. trahud

    Wow! I wonder if you yell in it, will it echo back. Lol.

  6. Joe

    this is just totally gross……what were you thinking? We are here to see booty, not this ill-xxxx…..get back on track dude…..

    • realreal

      you’re just a faggy little girl. It’s a vagina.

      • Dab

        lol booty posting is serious business

    • botd

      Listen to realreal young Joey. If you’re afraid of pussy then you might be a bit too young for this site. This is 18+. Go here.

      • Joe

        Site host…..again, stick with your original intentions for this site. BOOTY. Vagina I can go else where for. Up to this recent posting all has been fine….If you wanna side with that idiiot realreal that’s your call….not even gonna honor your offered “check here” link……in fact , ya know….I can find what I want, and more tastefully done else where, and not have to deal with all this sophomoric bashing and high-fiving….buh-bye.

        • botd

          Joe, again, if vagina is “illll” and “gross” to you then you shouldn’t be on this site. Nobody that’s over 12 talks like that. Come back in a few years when you’re old enough.

    • jWILL253

      Not sure if serious…

    • KingJames

      I take it this guy Joe has never seen a vagina lol.

  7. reggie

    that thing might eat me up!

  8. Therealzux


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