25 Responses to Black Booties in White Undies

  1. hothornyass66

    I love Chocolate Bodies also!!

  2. Suresh

    Wow Wow. Superb.

  3. Bubble Butt Lover

    These are some fine ass big booty sistas. Very sexy.

  4. assman

    Model: @tina.colada @iamlyndarose @pandasupreme @imbadder @iam_sammij @TheHunnies

  5. Desipimp

    Good Lord!!

  6. Duke
  7. bigwole

    damn man. they so bad this pic just make me angry. lol.

  8. brent

    Black ass is the most beautiful!

  9. Cuba_Gooding_Sr


  10. Alexander

    dude they gone be doing some squats on my love muscle if i see them.

  11. illphil

    If I seen these ladys in person it would be hard to hide the stiff one

  12. Boo yah


  13. BayKidd415

    Does anyone have the name of the girl second from the left, Damn her ass is phat……

  14. nates

    hey BOTD or anyone for that matter, can anyone help me to identify this girl? there s 7 or 8 pics from her in this link. any help would me much appreciated.


    • botd

      That’s funny cause I was just about to do a video loop of that scene. I don’t know her name, but if you don’t have a link to the video yet, maybe tomorrow or the next day.

    • John

      Now THATS what’s up!!!!

    • 512

      Idk her name but thats from dancing bear and most of em are amateurs

    • poohbia

      Damn son. To this post and the BOTD one

    • big booty obsesion

      Nice ass!where is video from this party

  15. TOP DAWG


  16. Black Power

    This is Undoubtedly the best post ever. More chocolate please.

  17. MilwT

    it dosent get any better then this

  18. Caesar

    Great, Mothafuckin post my dude. Nothing makes the day better like a Buffet of Booty.

  19. 843bigred

    My oh my, sexy ass women at their finest!

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