Very Voluptuous Black Girls

For those of you with the same taste as me. That 100% absolutely correct superior taste in extra thick voluptuous hourglass chicks of any color.

Edit: You guys got them all pretty much…

First: Delotta Brown, Cherise Roze, Trophy Dinero from MixedMag

Second: Olivia Jackson from Score, Jasmine Bunee from Woodnites

Third: Stacy Adams, Keita Eden, Mz Booty & Ms Cleo

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33 Responses to Very Voluptuous Black Girls

  1. Suresh

    Lovely black babes!!

  2. pizdec

    3rd video, second girl, please need the video. Great job BOTD, just how i like them, very THICK!

    • Triggity

      Yes I wonder the same thing who is she 3rd video 2nd girl

  3. Dawgydog

    Who’s the girl fucking the glory hole in the third video? Any source on that?

  4. Shadyman1

    I need the name of 2 girl in first video !

  5. realreal

    daaaaamn, i love black women!

  6. KingJ

    I think the 1st video is Delotta Brown in the 1st scene

    • weenysandwich


  7. weenysandwich

    Who is the first girl in the first video?

  8. Spungn

    Am I the only one diggin on the the 1st girl from the 1st vid and the 1st girl from the last one?!?!?!

    • aaaaaaa

      the first from first is delotta brown and the first from last is stacy adams

      • Bootox

        Well, I was on the same boat as Spungn, but thanks anyway!

  9. Kane

    2nd and 3rd chick from 2nd clip?

  10. Kozmik

    Whos the first girl in the first video?

    • aaaaaaa

      delotta brown

  11. Yeah

    super stacked!

  12. Young

    The second and third chick from the first video…
    The second chick in the second video…
    The second chick in the third video…names anyone?

    • Jay beeps!

      The last girl from the 1st clip is “Trophy Dinero.” Here’s the tape that her clip is from. Damn I love seeing this woman, haha. Don’t know the others one though, sorry!

      Love the blog dude too!

      • botd

        Thanks man. I had to remove that link tho for certain reasons.

        • Jay beeps!

          No worries, I figured you might have to but wasn’t sure. My bad on that haha. Great post once again yo!

        • Obi Quan Kenobi

          But without the link how am I to watch? :'(

  13. jaymak

    That head scene in the 3rd vid….dammit man….where is the full vid? Good lord

  14. Big D

    That was okay, miss Cleo and ms booty in theist clip are good the rest are t that thick, let’s see some more super thick girls

  15. Electriwizard

    Not bad; I bet there’s more new talent out there. Keep up the good work BOTD. It was about time for some chocolate ass.

  16. Poohbia

    Who’s the 2nd in vid #1?

  17. iceman8069

    Dammit man!! All of them would catch my seed!

  18. lolman

    Damm! Chocolatte girls are the bests! I need the source and the name of the girl on the last video, the one with the white fishnets.

  19. Jimmy Deen

    I’m going to need id’s on all of them. Where is the last gif from of the two girls giving head?

  20. Joe

    my god, who is that woman in the 2nd video at 0:04 seconds with the yellow? is there a video of that somewhere??!

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