19 Responses to Nina Rotti Black Booty Jiggle Splits

  1. Jf

    Oh my, what nice, fine ass cheeks…. I would love to beat those up continually.

  2. marleyballz

    @BOTD Please post more black booty if you can.

    • botd

      I would have, but nobody signed up through the Bangbros link I posted, and not that many people even clicked.

      I mean I’ll post black girls in the future if I see one with a phat brickhouse booty, I don’t know maybe Layla Monroe, but I’m not gonna specifically look for any particular race to post. Except for Thick Asians.

      In the meantime, here’s about 50 posts of black girls…


      • marleyballz

        I’ve been following this site since it began and this is the first time I’ve commented. I love booty, all races but I,ve noticed you’ve been posting less black booty than you used to. Anyway, let me not bother you, thanks for providing us with all this wonderful booty.

        • bootox

          Yeah! This is a fine ass, BOTD!

          We need more great black booty like this.

          But it’s also our fault. We should share more content like this in here.

    • Alf

      Ya knuh what I mean bruh? straight up

  3. Alf

    Ohhh yesss sirrr, i can be ornery but this is a real callipygous- assed woman . Gooood lord thank you Botd. You may not get a check for me in the mail but you get my thanks.
    BTW i don’t know a better site because I really only come up here to check for new asses

  4. BootyFreak

    Gggggooooott daaaayammm! Now that’s a real ASS for ya!

  5. Joetuss

    Nothing and i mean nothing better than black booty

  6. Fam

    Oh shit! Black booty?

  7. Dathirst

    So much booty meat in that second gif

  8. StrongestNiggaEver

    Nina Rotti’s = GOAT.

  9. iceman8069

    I’d give her every inch I got!

  10. realreal

    I love this woman, she’s cute, has a great ass, and she really loves doing porn (something hard to find)


    Brings me back to my teen days. Black bootys were my first love then light skinned now all about that white booty

    • RodRoss

      I’m with you, there’s nothing better then a white girl with a booty

      • kingrin

        I’m not hating on the white booty, but their best domain are tits, not ass imo

      • bootox

        I love big asses from all colors, but I have to say the girls with big asses in the majority are black. The white ones really are dominant in the tits department.

        • Azrael0101

          Miosotis Claribel

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