21 Responses to Somewhere in Eastern Europe

  1. Suresh


  2. DC

    That’s a dream of a woman!

  3. ko

    saint petersburg, Russia. St-Peters Fortress beach.

  4. zoltan

    fucking A

  5. Jack

    Saint Petersburg, Russia, girl from country, maybe…

  6. drisvisic

    Someone ought to make a sculpture of her and put it in a museum. That physique needs to be on display for all time. :3



  8. Mike$420...

    Plz can somebody tell me what her name is? Plz thanks

  9. lj


  10. botd

    Think he meant version of.

    • StickMan

      Yeah, exactly what I meant BOTD!

  11. cptbones

    That’s not London Andrews, the search for a name must continue

    • VN

      It is Russia, Saint-Petersburg. 🙂

      • botd

        I don’t think he meant the city of London, unless you’re trolling him for misunderstanding Stickman. Dammit Andrews, that’s not London.

  12. StickMan

    Eastern European London Andrews.

  13. Al Borland


  14. Chammastakilla

    GODDAMN! I’m packing my bags and go find me some European booty!

  15. blackfrost

    ok i’m ready for a vacation now

  16. Bootyman96

    Pic 2 is my fav.

  17. ohyessir

    Well at least we know Eastern European women are built as women and not frikken stick figures.

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